• Trump invites Duterte to visit US next year


    US President-elect Donald Trump has invited President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House next year.

    The announcement was made by Duterte’s special assistant, Christopher “Bong” Go, following a phone conversation Friday night between the two leaders.

    Duterte, in return, invited Trump to visit the Philippines next year to attend the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

    The Philippine president phoned Trump to congratulate the Republican billionaire for winning the US presidential election over Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

    Duterte’s cordial demeanor toward Trump was in contrast with his expletive-laden tirades toward outgoing US President Barack Obama, who had criticized the Philippines’ bloody war on drugs.

    The phone call came a day after the arrival of the new US ambassador to Manila, Korean-American diplomat Sung Kim, who said he was excited to improve ties between the two historical allies.

    Last month, Duterte indicated he might stop quarreling with the US following the election of Trump. “I said, I don’t want to quarrel now that Trump is there. But I would like to congratulate President Trump. Mabuhay ka [Long live]!” the President said in remarks before members of the Filipino community in Kuala Lumpur where he was on an official visit.

    Obama canceled a bilateral meeting with Duterte at the sidelines of an Association of Southeast Asian Nations summit in Laos in September, following the latter’s expletive-laden rants.

    Duterte later ordered a stop to joint exercises and naval patrols between the Philippine and US militaries, as well as the cancellation of a deal for 26,000 rifles for the Philippine National Police.

    Duterte and Trump share an animosity toward Obama. In October, Trump used Duterte’s decision to restrict joint military exercises against Obama, claiming it was evidence of the US’ diminished stature overseas brought about by weak foreign policy under Obama and Clinton who had served as secretary of State.

    Trump noted that the Philippines and the US shared a long history and that the Philippines was an “important” and “strategic” location.



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    1. JULIA E., with due respect to you, you are wrong and you do not know President-elect Trump. I guess you are with the loser groups of Hilary and Obama. Where did you get those stupid ideas to lambast Trump? Just watch out how Trump will be loved by the intelligent and pleasant Americans after he fulfilled his promises to make America Great Again. I know Trump, he far better than failure-president Obama. Read the constitution why the founding fathers based the winning of presidency on electoral votes, and not popular votes. Anyway, those popular votes came from undesirables mostly in the inner cities of New York, California, Illinois, Massachusetts and other welfare sectors.

    2. I can say, the majority of Americans do not support Trump, as proven by the fact that he lost the popular vote by more than 2.5 million votes. That said, Americans do not want Duterte in our country for any reason, especially after the things he said over the past 6 months. Duterte offers nothing to the USA. We don’t understand Trump and never will. Trump will learn a lesson with Duterte — similar people don’t get along. They are both narcissist leaders who think they can run the country any way they want. Too bad Trump doesn’t understand the people are his boss. At least he doesn’t understand that yet. I predict Trump will be impeached within two years anyway. He is very ignorant and a failed businessman, but an expert at manipulating people into believing anything.

      • Yes you can predict that bad thing will happen to him and same here as well with the opposing oligarchic Filipinos praying something bad will happen to the President. But you can’t order God what he wants to do because in the first place he is the one who put them there. He has a good reason on why these two won the Presidency and not the way people want to impose who they like. It is now in Gods hand and we have to accept it otherwise your ego will always seep into your brain and blame God on your misery. May God help you to clear you mind.

      • Don’t you bet your house that Trump will be impeached. There is nothing wrong with putting “AMERICA FIRST”.

        “He is very ignorant and a failed businessman”. Your words. So he’s a failure, that’s why there’s no such things are the Trump Towers, the Trump planes, Trump business. And he is not a billionaire? If that is your definition of ignorance and failures, we should all be ignorant and failures.

        A typical liberal who is out of touch of reality, that is what you are. Congratulations!

      • Obama and Clinton failed. Get over it. Duterte wants to deal with Trump. For the good of both countries and Asia Pacific stop the lies and selfishness. Think about what APAC / USA needs not just you.

      • Why don’t you just drink your hot cocoa or do coloring books! The 2.5 million people that voted more for crooked Hilary are from the 10 liberal states that are so populated, that’s why the Fathers of the US made the electoral votes so other small states will have a voice.
        If there is an electoral vote in the Philippines Duterte will not be the president, because the only people that voted for him are from Manila, Cebu, & the Cebuano speaking Mindanaoans. Manila alone can get almost half of the popular votes.