Trump thumps ‘thugs’ who protestead at California rally


WASHINGTON: Presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Friday denounced as “thugs” the violent protesters outside one of his rallies in California the previous evening. “Rally last night in San Jose was great. Tremendous love and enthusiasm in the hall. Big crowd. Outside, small group of thugs burned Am flag!” Trump said on Twitter. In another posting, he said: “Great evening in San Jose other than the thugs. My supporters are far tougher if they want to be, but fortunately they are not hostile.” Violent clashes between pro- and anti-Trump camps have erupted outside a number of the candidate’s rallies in recent weeks. He has angered many in the United States with his rhetoric against Hispanics, women, Muslims and others. President Barack Obama also weighed in, criticizing the political violence in San Jose.


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  1. Floyd Clingenpeel on

    The violence has been initiated by the so called”protesters” many of which are paid the disrupt the peaceful rallies.
    The protest actually use the issues mentioned in this article as a cover for the “protest”.
    These ” protesters” are in truth fascist on the same level as Hitlers brown shirts