Trump to Christian right: ‘Get out and vote’


WASHINGTON: Donald Trump pledged Friday (Saturday in Manila) to cherish and defend America’s “Christian heritage” if he is elected president, as he urged religious conservatives to “get out and vote” or risk handing Hillary Clinton the White House in November. Locked in a brutal campaign with Democrat Clinton, Trump made the blunt appeal to the Values Voter Summit in Washington bringing together about 1,000 faith-based grassroots activists, conservative lawmakers and leaders of religious and pro-life groups. “Let me say this right up front, in a Trump administration our Christian heritage will be cherished, protected, defended like you’ve never seen before,” the Republican nominee said to a rousing ovation. “Our politicians have really abandoned you to a large extent,” he said in addressing the religious right. “And Hillary Clinton? You can forget about her.” Many evangelical Christians vote reliably Republican, but millions stayed home in 2012 opting not to vote for the party’s nominee Mitt Romney. Several Republican strategists and religious figures argue that a boycott by religious conservatives cost Romney the election against incumbent Barack Obama. “You have to get out and vote on November 8. You didn’t vote four years ago. You didn’t vote,” Trump told the forum. “But this time you really have to, and this is your last chance. This is it,” he added. “If you don’t, could be a very unhappy November 8.”



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