Trump wants to fix ‘bad’ ties with PH


President Rodrigo Duterte said he felt like a saint when US President-elect Donald Trump said he wanted to fix the “bad relations” between the Philippines and the United States.

Duterte, in his speech on Wednesday night during the State Conference on United Nations Convention Against Corruption, revealed snippets of his phone call with Trump on December 2.

“He said… ‘Oh, President Duterte, we should fix our bad relations, it needs a lot of [fixing], you know, you just set something good [there]and you’re doing great,” he said, quoting Trump.

The Philippines had a strained relationship with the US after President Barack Obama criticized Duterte on his brutal war against illegal drugs.

Duterte said Trump told him that he is “doing great” in his war against illegal drugs.

“I know what’s your worry about these Americans criticizing you. You are doing good, go ahead. I had this problem in the border of Mexico and America and this goddamn s*** guy is…’” Trump said.

“So ngayon, kung makinig ka kay Trump magsalita sa akin, naging santo ako. Doon sa isang administrasyon, well… [So now, if you hear Trump talk about me, I become a saint. With that administration, well…],” Duterte said, apparently referring to the administration of then-President Benigno Aquino 3rd that portrayed him as evil.

He added that he considers the business tycoon and incoming US President Trump as his friend.

“Despite the protestations of Obama picturing the Philippines, well, of course, including me, to be murderers and everything, here comes Trump,” Duterte said.

“[Trump said]… ‘So you are doing all right. Do not mind them.’ [And he also said]… ‘Media? No media supported me and I did it on my own.’ That’s why I’m very impressed with you, Mr. President,” he also quoted Trump.

Duterte mentioned again Trump’s “invitation” to him should he travel to the US.

“‘Oh yes, when you come to Washington, D.C. or New York City, look me up and we’ll have coffee. And maybe you can give me a suggestion, one or two how to solve this goddamn, son of a b****,’” the President again quoted Trump.


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  1. You can not define what Donald really think when you meet him in few minutes or so with few good praises or compliments. I know Donald. August 19, 2015 I started campaigning for Donald notwithstanding the majority of the Filipinos led by a lady filipino billionaire campaigning for Hilary. As a matter of fact, one of this lady billionaire’s campaign ladies for for Hilary, lambasted me in my email when I ask the Fil-AMS in the US to support for Trump to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Today, you can see that Donald is befriending almost all his political adversaries, including Obama and Al Gore. I believe that the good relationship between Donald and Obama is still to be tested in the next one year or two. Let us hold our conclusion. Remember, “America First.” Not Russia or China!

  2. Yonkers,New York
    08 December 2016

    If would be laughable if it were not clear evidence of PSYCHOSIS on his part that Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte should feel like a “SAINT” after his recent conversation with US President-elect DONALD TRUMP who he claims praised him for his lawless genocidal extrajudicial mass-murder of his own people, a brutal and maniacal drive which has netted for him some 5,8000 hapless victims so far.

    I am not surprised at all if what Mr. Duterte says is TRUE because both he and Donald Trump have one thing in common: THEY are both demagogic and have tyrannical tendencies.

    Donald Trump is running 144 business in 25 countries of the world, and is used to dictating what he wants and of course routinely gets what he wants because he has the absolute power of dismissal. It is possible that he will bring that frame of mind into being President of the United States, but the difference is that as President he will be subject to constitutional CHECKS AND BALANCES, by the Congress and by the Supreme Court. He is also subject to check by a free, vigorous and courageous press. Should he be observed to be abusing his powers and overstepping constitutional or legal bounds, he will surely be made to account for them.

    Rodrigo Duterte pretty much had his tyrannical ways as the Mayor of Davao City for 23 years. There he was not subject to any kind of check. And so he felt completely free to murder people whom he alleged to be criminals, either by his own murderous hand, or by his “death squads,” or by his ” vigilantes.” That explains why he is finding it difficult if not impossible to make the transition to the high office of President where he is bound by the constraints of the Constitution with its Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, and even the UN Declaration of Human Rights–all of which he has violated wantonly in his warrantless genocidal extrajudicial mass-murder of those suspected of being involved in the illegal Drug War. His boastful goal is 3 MILLION!