• Trusted friend calls PNoy ‘a liar’


    ALTHOUGH resigned Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Alan Purisima may not have said it directly, he essentially called his boss as a liar by disputing PNoy’s declaration before House leaders that the ex-PNP chief fed Aquino “lies” on the day of the Mamasapano operation.

    We recall that during the four-hour meeting with lawmakers in Malacañang last Tuesday, PNoy said that he had given specific instructions to Napeñas on the need for coordination with the AFP and for Purisima to inform PNP OIC Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina. PNoy says he found out later that his instructions had not been followed.

    When asked by a congressman whether he was given inaccurate information, PNoy was quoted as replying: “They are not only inaccurate, they are lies. Don’t you think these are not lies with these?”

    Another lawmaker who was present during that Malacañang meeting confirmed PNoy’s revelation saying: “It was very clear that the President was not only misled, he was lied to. That was [PNoy’s] word, he was lied to by Gen. [Alan] Purisima because the texts of Purisima said that the support of the artillery of the Armed Forces Mechanized Brigade has already started, that there was already support in that encounter.”

    However, in a press statement issued by Purisima’s camp the next day, the ex-PNP chief’s lawyer says Purisima “did not lie to President Benigno S. Aquino III about the status of Operation Exodus in the morning of 25 January 2015.” Purisima’s lawyer also said that “(i)t is not in PDG Purisima’s character to relay inaccurate information to the President….throughout their decades of professional and personal relationship…”

    By his press statement, what Purisima is really saying is that PNoy wasn’t telling the truth. In other words, PNoy is a liar for calling him a liar.

    We’re sure Palace bootlickers will disagree. But then, who would know PNoy best than his trusted friends like Purisima, right?

    That PNoy is now washing his hands of the Mamasapano disaster clearly shows that Malacañang is in panic mode. Palace spinmeisters are desperately trying to extricate PNoy from the mess that their “boss” created.

    Part of their strategy is to publicly pin the blame on Purisima and ex-PNP Special Action Force (SAF) Director Napenas in order to deflect responsibility from PNoy. Many thinking Filipinos know this is just “moro-moro.” We doubt that PNoy will crucify his close and trusted friend Purisima.

    If PNoy really believed that Purisima and Napeñas were jointly responsible for the Mamasapano fiasco, he should have immediately ordered the filing of dismissal charges against them. But it’s been more than a month since the incident and no police official has been punished let alone charged for the botched Mamasapano operation.

    In the haste to absolve PNoy, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima even came up with a novel (though absurd) legal theory that the “chain of command” does not apply to the PNP because it is a civilian and not a military organization.

    We don’t know where De Lima got this concept but if her argument is to be believed, we would be the only country in the world that has a police organization without a chain of command. This means any policeman can do as he pleases provided some higher-up – not necessarily his immediate superior – approves (or tolerates) his actions. Nothing could be more ridiculous.

    Anyway, it is De Lima’s theory that’s being used by Malacañang to clear PNoy of any wrongdoing for the Mamasapano debacle. According to presidential mouthpiece Edwin Lacierda, PNoy is free of any liability even if he had consulted Purisima (who was then already suspended) because the ex-PNP chief was “no longer in the line of authority” when he met with PNoy on January 9 regarding the plans for the commando operation.

    This “no-chain-of-command” argument, however, is contradicted by Purisima’s own admission that he was ordered by PNoy to inform PNP officer-in-charge (OIC) Leonardo Espina about Oplan Exodus. By directing Purisima to brief the PNP-OIC on the Mamasapano operation, PNoy clearly knew that a chain of command did exist in the PNP.

    Moreover, why did PNoy have to ask Purisima to notify Espina about Oplan Exodus? He could have easily called Espina directly.

    Obviously, Purisima was not merely acting as a “consultant” (as Lacierda wants us believe) but was, in truth, spearheading the Mamasapano operation, with the full knowledge and consent of PNoy. This was why PNoy was texting Purisima rather than Espina. In fact, during their exchange of text messages, not once did PNoy ask what Espina was doing. Instead, PNoy was giving directives to Purisima as if the latter was still the PNP chief.

    It is now apparent that PNoy knowingly disobeyed not only the chain of command but also the Ombudsman’s suspension order against Purisima. In so doing, he violated his sworn duty to “obey the legal orders [of]duly constituted authorities.” That’s undeniably a betrayal of the public trust.


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    1. lleuxquiocho on

      as in any other organization, mayroong organizational chart where the lines are clearly written… the arrows pointedly drawn… pero ibahin natin ang MALI-CANYANG… where the mali-mali tenant resides!!!

    2. Leodegardo Pruna on

      What the Filipino people is afraid of is for the Palace to be housing a bunch of liars. God bless the Philippines.

    3. Wala tayong magagawa Congenital
      liar at Self-righteous yang PCOS
      elected na panggulo.

    4. Hector David on

      The fault dear Brutus is not in our Stars but in ourselves that we are underlings(William Shakespeare). Our spineles Senators and Congressman love their position , perks , power. and bribes more than love for country of the benefit of the people’s names short the guy on top can lie, cheat ,steal,fool,destroy institutions,and divert transparency ,restrict freedom…. May we see the light at the end of this dark tunnel and our country’s dark days. God bless our country and our people

    5. Kahit di ko na basahin to alam ko naman pong matagal ng sinungaling si PNoy. Di lang sinungaling, wala pang silbi at wala talagang ginagawa para sa bayan. Nasayang lang yung mga taon na sana umaangat tayo eh naloloko lang tayo ni PNoy.

    6. muriel magtanggol on

      can’t wait to see that guy incarcerated together with all his enablers and accessories!

    7. Natapalan kasi ng bilyong pork ni ABNOY ang mga yellow solons kaya pinagtatakpan ang mga kasinungalingan,katamaran,kapalpakan,paghihiganti ni ABNOY. lalo na sa pagkamasaker ng SAF44.

    8. “In the haste to absolve PNoy, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima even came up with a novel (though absurd) legal theory that the “chain of command” does not apply to the PNP because it is a civilian and not a military organization.”

      Not even Sen. Drilon could swallow this absurdity. After all, Sen. Drilon is from UP.

      • Siguro sa DOJ eh wala ding “chain of command” tulad ng sinasabi ni de Lima. Dahil lahat ng nandun eh boss o siyang Manager. To educate Ms. De Lima, the Chain of Command applies even to the private businesses only with different names, government and private companies have these organizational structures: the Board of Directors, Board of Management, etc. Do I need to specifically identify the positions according to the chain? Well, example is: Board of Management consists of the Generalo Manager, Deputy Gen. Manager, etc., the Board of Directors consists of the Chairman,
        Vice-Chairman, Secretary, etc. In the DOJ, Lima is the Secretary with her deputies that form or constitute a chain of command. Kung walang chain eh di pati pala undersecs nya puwede suwayin ang utos kung ayaw nila dahil wala pala silang organizational structure???? Sayang, abugado eh hindi alam na ang Chain of Command at Organizational Structure sa private o government entities eh pareho naiba lang sa pangalan….. SAYANG…. de Lima na nga eh magiging de Kuwatro na lang dahil nagtatanga-tangahan. Magagalit ang tatay mo nyan, Ms. Leila…..

      • This is actually more in reply to Jhun than to Ethel:

        Your comparison of Chain of Command and Organizational Structure is flawed as they are not the same. The former refers to a line of authority where you may only receive orders from a direct superior and give orders to only those directly below you. In effect you have to follow a straight line to transmit orders. In contrast, organizational structures are more lenient in the transmittal of orders (eg. the CEO or president can order a rank and file without having to cascade the order to his managers, or rank and file employees may receive orders from more than one manager even if they are not their direct superiors.

        Even the writer does not seem to understand the concept of the military’s definition of Chain of Command in his column. I bet he didn’t even follow the hearings where these basic concepts were explained. If his premise is flawed, how will his entire argument even hold up?

    9. im always wondering why they are texting to a very important situation, why not call?

    10. Im sure its possible to go to the mobile phone company & get a copy of all texts that pnoy & purisma sent to each other. If they can get a court order to get them without malacanang editing them or having any access to them whatsoever then we will all know the truth. But pnoy must have known that purisma hadnt handed over control of the operation to espina as if he had surely the president would have texted espina on how the operation was going, so by sending those texts to purisma he knew he was still running the operation.

    11. Purisima has to protect himself from court martial and/or dismissal proceedings, because if found guilty, he will lose all his retirement benefits. The reaction is normal for Purisima on self preservation. He is not going to crucify himself for the sake of Pnoy. Who would anyway? No wonder, Kris is preparing herself for political objectives. She might be groomed for the presidential election, just to protect her brother.

    12. No wonder Kris is already prepared for all the charges to be filed against his kuya PeNoy once his term is over. Worst president in history without question!

    13. Eddie de Leon on

      Good column. Of course, Purisima has to save himself from being totally made the punishable scapegoat of the big liar BS Aquino.
      The big question is why all these revelations abut how lunatic, immoral, unethical, dishonest, unGodly, criminal, lazy, unjust, unfair, unkind, this man BS Aquino is, some people previously thought-of as good and honest persons–like Walden Belo, the young Angara, the young Tanada, the nuns of the Yellow Army, the priest of La Salle Greenhills, etc. are still supporting him!
      Kung ganyan–specially if the corrupt Smartmatic-PCOS machine control of elections started by Belo dfuring GMA’s time and continued under Abnoy–talagan wala ng pag-asa ang ating Inang Bayan!

      • yes tama ka dyan kaibigan walden belo, yellow army, young angara, tanada priest lasalle ay mga tuta at galamay ni pinoy kaya wag na tayu magduda sabi nga ni ate kris mabait si kuya so un mga galamay ang mga ganid ok

    14. Pnoy has a history of disobedience. Disobeying the TRO issued by Justice of the supreme court for GMA. Directed DOJ Delima to restrict GMA from travelling abroad.

    15. Nilo del Mundo on

      Sooner or later, some lawyer will wise up and file a case against the President for overreach.

    16. Mahirap talaga itago ang katotohanan, lalabas at lalabas ang totoo ng nangyari.

    17. P, Akialamiro on

      Who would believe Pinoy, anyway? The top part of his body is not engaged before words come out from both sides of his mouth! Someone said: “you can fool all the people at a time, but not all the time”.

      Kung sabagay, matagal nang panloloko ng mga politiko sa mga taongbayan. Everything has a beginning and an end!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        I all began with the use of the hocus-PCOS machine in 2010. God bless the Philippines.