• ‘Tubig at Langis’ prod team defends Cristine Reyes

    Cristine Reyes

    Cristine Reyes

    Here’s the latest on the Vivian Velez-Cristine Reyes brouhaha.

    Late Tuesday afternoon, the production team of ABS-CBN’s prime time series Tugbig at Langis came to the rescue of the controversial lead star after co-actor Vivian Velez claimed she resigned from the show because of the Cristine’s diva behavior. The one-time “Body Beautiful” of Philippine showbiz said, that after over a month of unacceptable attitude from Cristine, she had had enough when the younger actress insisted she leave their designated standby room Saturday night, unwilling to share it with anyone.

    Cristine, who is a Viva Artist Agency talent, has kept mum all week on what has become the hottest showbiz fodder since Velez’ interview on TV Patrol. The show’s production team seems to be hoping the following statement, sent through ABS-CBN’s corporate communications department, will make up for her unusual silence on the matter:

    “When production of Tubig at Langis began in October 2015 until it began airing [in February], everything was running well on the program’s set. Everyone worked well with each other, from the cast to the crew and the staff, which is why each episode turned out to be exceptional.

    Vivian Velez

    Vivian Velez

    “It was only last week when the show’s lead star Cristine Reyes and veteran actress Vivian Velez had a misunderstanding during taping. While most have Vivian’s side of the story, there is something the program team wishes to clarify.

    “It is not true that Crisitne ordered Vivian to leave the dressing room. What occurred was a miscommunication on the matter, and the production team claims responsibility over this. In fact, the staff has never had any problems with Cristine’s work ethics because she treats her co-workers well. We have already apologized to Cristine and Vivian regarding the unfortunate incident.

    “We are saddened that this mishap has affected the happy family that we have formed in bringing Tubig at Langis to the public. We have already explained our position to both actresses and hope that the issue will end peacefully both sides of the two actresses with the hope that this will put an end to the issue in a peaceful manner.

    “Despite this, viewers can expect that we will strive hard to give them a meaningful and timely story in Tubig at Langis.”

    Care for a rebuttal, Miss Body Beautiful?


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