• TUCP wants 52 illegal foreign workers investigated


    THE Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) on Tuesday urged the Senate and the House of Representatives to probe the 52 foreigners allegedly working without permits in Davao City.

    TUCP spokesman Alan Tanjusay, there is a “clear, continuing and growing” violations of the Philippine domestic laws and that the increasing incidence of foreign nationals working even without permit has a serious adverse implications to the employment and underemployment situation in the country.

    “This further undermines the job security in the country, as they compete with the already limited jobs generated for the Filipinos in our homeland,” Tanjusay added.

    The TUCP said the Bureau of Immigration rounded up 50 Chinese, one British and one Australian who are allegedly working in a construction of coal-fired power plant Therma South Inc. of the Aboitiz Power Corporation.

    Tanjusay said the lawmakers should also probe the Aboitiz Power Corporation on how it was able to hire the foreigners despite the existence of the law.

    Tanjusay said the investigation will benefit not only local employees but also the migrant workers in terms of labor standards and working conditions.

    “Illegal migrant workers, he explained, are vulnerable to violation and exploitation of their basic rights as workers as they cannot be provided protection by our laws,” he said.

    “They are susceptible to being abused for reasons such as their lack of capacity to speak and understand the Filipino language and other exploitative working conditions such as unjust compensation given to them. They should enjoy the freedom from this worst form of modern-day slavery,” he added.


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