Tugade orders MRT-3 to file charges vs passenger


Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade ordered the management of the Metro Rail Transit-3 (MRT-3) to file charges against the passenger who allegedly caused an untimely unloading incident last Friday by leaning or forcibly opening a train’s door.

“For the last 11 days, there was no unloading. It was smooth. Today, we have the first unloading. Do you know the cause? There was someone who put pressure on the door. The passenger forced his way in when the doors were already closed,” Tugade said partly in Filipino during the Philippine Economic Briefing in Pampanga.

“It’s not about parts, it’s about this passenger. My instruction, identify this person,” he added.

Approximately 1,000 passengers were unloaded from a southbound train at the Santolan-Annapolis station at about 8:01 am from the untimely unloading incident. It was the first untimely unloading incident at the MRT-3 since April 2.

“From now on, all passengers caught leaning on the doors or forcing them to open even if they are closed will be charged. I told MRT-3 to file cases and collect damages from them. Many passengers suffer because of lack of discipline,” Tugade said partly in Filipino.


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