Turkey disavows ‘foundations’ donating to Marawi


WITH reference to the news report entitled “Marawi evacuees accept beef donation of Turkish foundation” published by The Manila Times on September 4, 2017, we would like to inform your good office that the ICAD and PDF Foundations are not officially recognized by the government of the Republic of Turkey as legitimate “Turkish” foundations nor NGOs.

Conversely, the ICAD and PDF formations are considered as an extension of the Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) which has been declared as a terrorist organization by the Turkish government as well as by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (0IC), Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA). FETÖ is responsible for the killing of 250 innocent Turkish people and wounding more than 2,000 during its illegal and violent attempt to overthrow the legitimate and democratic government last year.

Therefore, these FETÖ-affiliated structures are in no way authorized and eligible to represent “Turkey” and/or to be called as “Turkish” foundations or NGOs. Thus, they are not in a position to promote closer ties between Turkey and the Philippines as well.

Hence, the Philippine society should not be deceived by the so-called charitable acts of these hypocrite formations. It is, indeed, hypocritical and against Islamic values that these formations display themselves as charity-loving and humanity-caring foundations while being affiliated with FETÖ which did not even hesitate to shed the blood of its fellow citizens to attain its illegitimate goals.

Interestingly enough, these formations were given undue recognition through press coverage, however several legitimate Turkish foundations that visited the Philippines to engage in charity during Eid al Adha, such as the Diyanet Vakfi, were not acknowledged.

In view of the foregoing, we would appreciate if you could publish this letter and seek your kind cooperation in not promoting such FETÖ-affiliated hypocrite formations.

Vural Göktaş
Third Secretary
Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
2268 Paraiso Street, Dasmarinas Village, Makati


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