• Turkey insists EU migrant deal will respect international law


    ANKARA: Turkey’s controversial draft deal with the European Union to help ease the migrant crisis will respect international law, Ankara insisted Friday (Saturday in Manila), following serious criticism from the United Nations and rights groups. EU and Turkish leaders agreed on Monday to a tentative proposal including the return of migrants landing in Greece and a ‘one-for-one’ swap of Syrian refugees. But the deal quickly came under fire, with the UN’s top officials on refugees and human rights questioning whether expelling migrants en masse from Greece to Turkey would be legal. A Turkish official speaking on condition of anonymity insisted the plan, which still has to be approved at an EU summit late next week, would respect international law. “It is important for us that the agreement is compatible with international law on migrants,” the official said. “It is out of the question for us to do something against international law,” he added.



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