• Turn December into summer with flip-flops


    It’s true that the -ber months in the Philippines haven’t been as cool during the day time as they used to be. In fact, it’s almost like summer all year these days, which is why flip-flops are still in mode even outside the summer months.

    As a preferred footwear across gender, age, and markets in the Philippines, flip-flops sell all year round so long as they are stylish and trendy.

    Candy colored flip flops capture the summer vibe even this time of the year

    Candy colored flip flops capture the summer vibe even this time of the year

    Homegrown summer footwear brand Banana Peel can attest to this style phenomenon as they continue to draw patrons even during the rainy and cooler seasons of the year. This in mind, they launched a “Summer in the City” collection comprised of classic flipflops and rubber sandals in bright colors and designs.

    They have such themed sets for the yearend, including Jungle Fever Sea La Vie, Cayenne and Sutton, and Pickles and Crewe, all capturing the vibe of summer.

    “Our intention was to take flip-flops from being a footwear worn at home to footwear that can be worn anywhere, anytime while still being stylish and comfortable. We live in a tropical country; it is mostly sunny and humid which is why being in comfortable and casual wear is common,” Banana Peel marketing and creative director Nikki Ng acknowledged.

    Designed by young Filipino talents, the fun-loving nature of the country’s people remains the central inspiration of every line in the collection.


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