On Turning 99


One more year and you become a centenarian

People ask: How does it feel to be at the eve of a milestone?

The queries range from “What is the secret of your longevity?

What memories do you recall? “How do you wish to live the year after and the next?”

You give a Mona Lisa smile and say: “Feeling great, would like to travel and meet the bull in Pamplona”, Or drop down in a 20,000 feet freefall,
“No, I do not drink from the vial of the Fountain of Youth,
But the secret my friend, comes from cigarettes and whisky and wild, wild women,
And Crosswords which tickle the neurons of my brain,
Travel through time, recall poetry which won me first prize when I was fourteen, sing songs of Grandma, drive down the road to Mandalay, fly back to India, Jordan, Rome and many other cities and villages in five continents,
Let me now stop the Time machine,
It is time to wrap up the memories of almost a century
Time to linger on the present,

But yet holding on to dreams and hopes in the Bucket list,
Let us—together, drink to the past, the Now, and the future,
Time to say Hasta la vista as we look forward to the tomorrows.


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