• Turtle Wax bares new line of car-care products


    Turtle Wax Senior Research Chemist Mike Deddo demonstrating the new product.

    THE distributor of Turtle Wax in the Philippines last week launched what it billed as the “next generation” range of premium car-care products.

    Wilkstark Marketing Corp. said Turtle Wax’s latest offering is the ICE lineup, of which the Liquid and Spray car wax were first introduced in 2006. These were the first wax formulas that can be safely applied in direct sunlight and will not leave any powdery residue—unlike with typical waxes.

    Wilkstark said that after this, Turtle Wax went on to further improve its lineup and created the next-generation ICE, which has new, innovative formulas and now comes in a premium packaging.

    “The Philippines is finally ready for Turtle Wax ICE. It is our best wax product to date in terms of shine and protection,” said Wilkstark Senior Vice President Ara Dacay.

    For his part, Turtle Wax Inc. Asia Pacific Regional Manager Dermot Maconaghie said that the ICE line has been “very successful” in the US, noting that; “When we originally launched it in 2006, we made breakthroughs in the market. We have the best product attributes that none of our competitors have.”

    According to Wilkstark, ICE Wax now comes in Liquid, Spray and Paste formulas, delivering a long-lasting shine that repels dirt to keep cars cleaner for a longer period. The company added that ICE Wash is the “ultimate in car-washing performance” with its “breakthrough blend of advanced cleaners and conditioners.” The product is also biodegradable.

    The ICE Detailer boosts cars’ shine to a mirror-like gloss as it gently cleans while depositing water-beading polymers. It is formulated to work with Turtle Wax’s Liquid Wax. Meanwhile, the ICE Total Interior Care is an all-in-one product that cleans and protects plastic, soft vinyl and leather interiors, applying a protective barrier to keep cars’ cabin pieces from fading, drying or cracking caused by harmful UV rays, Wilkstark said.

    The company noted that the next-generation ICE products are now sold in malls and automotive outlets.



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