Tutors protest demolition of two Cavite public schools


MILITANT teachers group Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) on Monday stormed the central office of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Pasig City to protest the impending demolition of two schools in Patungan, Maragondon in Cavite.

“We are aghast at the planned demolition of schools in Cavite and at the lack of necessary support from the Department of Education. We are in dire need of more classrooms in the country and such plan of demolition just to give way for the construction of a commercial establishment is unacceptable in all senses,” France Castro, the group’s secretary general, said.

“If they will demolish these two schools [1 elementary and 1 high school], where will we send our children to study? These schools are the only schools in our community and even serve adjacent communities. These schools have been here for decades already and in fact we and our ancestors were educated here. This planned demolition will just worsen the inaccessibility of basic education to the people of Patungan and nearby communities,” Susana Agner, secretary general of Save Patungan Now!”

“It is infuriating that it is the DepEd was the one who directed the heads of Patungan Elementary School at Sta. Mercedes National High School to prove the school’s ownership of its land and to stop teaching if they cannot. Instead for defending and protecting the school, they will be the cause of the schools’ abolition,” Agner added.

“As teachers, sympathize with the residents and students of Patungan. We all know that as parents, they are all willing to do everything to send their children to school despite financial limitations. We are urging the leadership of DepEd to save these two schools. Demolition is not an option at all. In the spirit of “public interest,” the department is left with only one choice and that is to keep the school operational and give all necessary assistance needed,” Castro said.


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