Tuwid na daan to jail


TRUTH—“truth”—will not set pork-greedy officials of the BS Aquino administration free. In fact, it will send them on a tuwid na daan (straight path) to jail.

With this reality staring them in the face, the officials are expected to hide the truth from the public. The Daily Mirror had revealed that some of the digital files of whistleblower Benhur Luy in the hands of the National Bureau of Investigation have been deleted (sanitized?) Yesterday came a report from the Manila Standard Today identifying the files that have been deleted, based on what the NBI submitted last Wednesday to what is now the yellow ribbon committee of the Senate.

The titles or descriptions of the deleted files were very revealing: PINOY Request, Entry Modified, P200M_Sexy_Ochoa, 2012-200M Ochoa, two letters addressed to Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., Abad Letter, and BIGBOY.

The President is called PNoy. “Abad” may refer to Budget Secretary Butch Abad. And BIGBOY? It may be coincidental but Senate President Franklin Drilon went by the nickname “Big Boy” when he ran for reelection in 2001.

With the deletions, truth may have been suppressed. I note that Luy had denied before the yellow ribbon panel of the Senate that anybody from the Department of Budget and Management had any hand in the pork barrel scam. (To me, this dented his credibility.) Sen. TG Guingona, the panel chairman, admitted that the scam wouldn’t have prospered without any participation from the DBM and the Commission on Audit. He added that nobody had linked DBM and COA officials to this venality so he didn’t pursue this angle any further. If he’s really searching for the truth, why didn’t he?

Malacañang had said that a group is muddling the issue and is trying to burn the whole house down by coming out with different lists of those allegedly involved in the pork barrel scam. There may be no muddling of issues but there’s definitely an attempt to hide the truth from the public as evidenced by the deletions in Luy’s digital files. One need not be smarter than a First Grader to deduce who would benefit from the deletions.

The question now is: Will the public allow the suppression of truth? Definitely, the truth isn’t expected to come out of the Senate, not while its supposedly prime oversight panel is headed by Guingona who believes Aquino cannot do anything wrong. Not while majority of its members are suspected of involvement in the pork barrel scandal.

A week ago, the yellow ribbon was scheduled to inquire into the Malampaya Fund scandal but deferred it so as not to wash the country’s dirty linen in public while the World Economic Forum on East Asia was ongoing. Well, that forum is already over but the inquiry remains deferred. The schedule of committee hearings for next week doesn’t include that item either.

Will the majority accept as Gospel-truth everything President BS Aquino says? Ah, but pollsters and the yellow media continue to shout that majority support the administration. (These same pollsters said that majority acclaim the response of the President to Yolanda.) Will those who have been religiously paying their taxes and contributions to the GSIS, SSS, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth allow their hard-earned money to line the pockets of government officials?

Half a loaf is better than none. However, the same couldn’t be said of half-truths. What’s true is that there have been deletions in the Luy list. It’s also true that the Philippines is the only country in the world whose president is a true BS.

Licensed to quote
Incidentally, the Luy digital lists affirm that the whistleblower had been signing letters in the name of legislators. This may sound far-fetched but I’m likening this “authority to sign” to the “license to quote” given by some politicians to favored newsmen.

A senator was once asked by a reporter to comment on a very hot issue. The senator, who’s no longer a member of the chamber, replied: “Ikaw naman, pinag-iisip mo pa ako. Ikaw na ang bahala sa sagot ko (You’re making me think. You take care of my answer.)

Then, there was this congressman who was very pleased about a news report written by his favored reporter authorized to quote him. “Gumanda ang English ko! (My English improved!)” enthused the congressman who was not known for his prowess in the English language.

Those reporters could get away with their stories about the politicians who had authorized them to write stories without interviewing them. Well, not this one who had extensive quotations from a high official of the legislature. That official was out of the country for a medical checkup when the supposed interview took place.



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  1. Tama ka ka efren dapat ang mga epokritong mga nanunungkulan sa Gobyerno
    ay madiretso sa kulungan. Kung si GMA ay ikinulong at ayaw bigyan ng
    piyansa bakit hindi makasuhan at makulong ang mga may ,matibay na
    ebidensiya na sangkot sa mga tong Pats, Bakit sinasabi pa ni Pnoy
    na pagka kakampi wala raw sapat na katibayan ganung kahit siya alam
    na alam ang mga kasinungalngan at katiwalian at baho ng mga galamay
    Gaya na lang ni Vitangcol kundi rin lang na korner na, kung baga. di
    pa rin sisipain ito dahil napaka lakas ng Pangasinan Mafia.
    Tulad ni Vitangcol may isa pang taong gobyerno sa katauhan ni
    Federico Remo, Exec Vice President ng PhilExim Guarantee Corp.,
    isa sa mga stock holders sa kumpaniya ng Pangasinan mafia ni
    Marlo de la Cruz, Wilson de Vera et al, Bakit hinahayaan ng
    PhilExim Guarantee na ang isang mataas nilang opisyal ay
    makisawsaw sa katiwalian bilang pointer, broker, financial consultant
    ng nasabing syndikato na nakipag kumtyabahan sa opisyales ng
    railway system para makorner ang 500milyong kuntrata kahit walang
    sapat na kakayahan. Si Remo ay itinalaga ilang taon na nung naka
    pending ang isa pang kaso niya sa katiwalian sa Ombudsman, sa
    LRT bilang financial adviser, at dito na siya nagtanim ng kakuntyaba
    sa loob.
    Nakakapagtaka rin bakit siya natalaga bilang EVP ng PhilExim gayung
    dati na siyang may kaso ng katiwalian. Bakit din siya pinapayagan
    ng PhilExim maging broker of kumisyoner ng isang syndikato na
    scamer sa transaksyon sa gobyerno. Dapat maimbistagahang mabuti
    ito at alamin ang life style paano nakabili ng ibat ibang ari arian sa maikling
    panahon. Gamit ang anak niya na kasangkot din sa Pangasinan
    mafia na kunyari rin consultant si EMERSON, ay dapat maipatawag
    din sa kongreso dahil may sapat na alam tungkol sa Modus nito.

  2. Hello Mr. Danao. I am very pleased that once again I am privileged to contribute a little to the articles of The Manila Times after being unable to do so for the past couple of months. Hoping the privileged will continue without any hitches. Now, I would like you to share your thoughts about two subjects. First, during the Arroyo administrations infamous NBN/ZTE botched/cancelled deal, Mr. Romulo Neri apparently complained to Mrs. Gloria Arroyo that there are so many personalities trying to ride on the botched deal. Mr. Neri quoted that Mrs. Arroyo instructed him to “moderate the greed” of those personalities. Second, in the Pork scam involving Janet Napoles and hundreds of legislators and government executives of the current administration who are said to steal between 40 to 50% of their Pork allocations, the administration of Benigno Simeon Aquino III clearly fingered at least 3 personalities of the opposition as the thieves but quick to defend and protect his own allies who are prominently mentioned by Mrs. Napoles in her list of about 4. In your opinion who among the two Gloria Arroyo and Benigno Simeon Aquino III is more corrupt in the two specific cases. Hope you can find time and space to narrate to us your thoughts about the subject. Thanks and congratulations to you and all the staff, columnists and opinion writers of the Manila Times, a most admired broadsheet in the Philippines.

  3. Mr. Danao, the reason why the PNoy administration is nows inside a very deep hell-hole is the fault of PNoy, Abad and de Lima. Why, because they are apparently the brains in foot-dragging and the clear delay in exposing the Napoles list. These and other PNoy minions thought that the Filipino public will continue their foolish expectations of the “tuwid na daan.” They should have reveal the list and go over it but knowing that the result will expose the PNoy administration as even more corrupt than the previous ones, they acted like turtles. Now, who will believe that the lists are not sanitized to favor this administration. Regarding Sen. Guingona, much have been heard describing the blue ribbon committee as now the “yellow ribbon committee” because Guingona is now part of the cover-up and sanitization team of PNoy. Guingona’s actions and manner of speaking about the issue is crystal clear.

  4. Patulong na sa UN – para maging credible ang inbestigasyon sa scam scam na yan…

  5. gising pinas on

    Philippines Marcos-era: 60 million cowards and one son of a *****
    Philippines BS Aquino-era: 99 million cowards and one true BS

  6. Mr. Efren Danao, bakit hindi mo binangit ang mga :Pangalan ng mga Politico. Nagduda tuloy ako sa mga sinabi mo. Parang walang kwentang lumabas ang column mo.

  7. Alejo Rosete on

    They are in power. When the Liberal Party was in power during the time of President Elpidio Quirino, I was in my tens then. I read an article in the newspapers that something wrong was done by the government / people or party in power and wants to make it appear right before the eyes of the people.

    If I remember it correctly, a certain Senator Avelino said and I quote – “What are we in power for”. These people now are in power. History repeats itself.