• TV phenom Aldub breaks record

     Alden Richard (left) and Maine ‘yaya dub’ Mendoza at Saturday’s ‘tamang panahon’ show. photo Courtesy of TAPE

    Alden Richard (left) and Maine ‘yaya dub’ Mendoza at Saturday’s ‘tamang panahon’ show. photo Courtesy of TAPE

    What’s more spine-chilling than selling out 55,000-seater Philippine Arena in a matter of days? It’s seeing this huge audience sing, dance, jump and scream in delight at Eat Bulaga’s special episode “Sa Tamang Panahon.”

    Alden Richard and Maine “Yaya Dub” Mendoza’s Aldub, the phenomenal love team that has been the talk of the town since its accidental inception in July, proved that they are not just an Internet and television-record breakers. On Saturday, they successfully drew one of the largest crowds at the Philippines’ largest mixed-used indoor arena.

    Before the break of dawn, people have assembled at the arena’s grounds, hoping to get in as early as possible. Early birds were rewarded as previous episodes of the two were put on the loop.

    The program started at 10 a.m., giving the audience an appetizer before the main course. Come 11:30, time stood still inside the arena only to be shaken by the loudest shrieks of the crowd.

    As expected, the program started in jovial mood, with hosts—or Da Barkads—provoking the crowd to scream at the top of their lungs.

    From Eat Bulaga, the show slowly turned into The Aldub Show, with prominent characters Lola Nidora, Tinidora and Tidora—collectively known as Kalye’s Angels—plus Frankie Arrinoli, Duhrizz, and Rihanna went up the stage.

    And then came the most awaited part.

    Mendoza arrived inside the arena in a grand yet peculiar way—riding at the back of a jeepney as she once did in the show—while Richards was seen live as he coursed his way through Philippine Arena’s interior.

    Finally, after three months of tease, the two got their blessing and made many of their firsts—first meet up sans the split screen, first “touch,” first conversation without Dubmashing (or lip synching) and first hug.

    The 55,000 strong could not contain their emotions, as most were seen getting teary-eyed. Online, Aldub set yet another record—garnering 29 million tweets as of Saturday afternoon.

    From classrooms to libraries

    But more than the “kilig” that these two young television stars have been serving to their viewers, Aldub used their popularity to bridge donors and public schools around the country.

    It can be recalled that “Plastic ni Juan,” a pro-environment movement within Eat Bulaga’s All for Juan, Juan for All segment, has been asking contestants in each barangay they visit to donate plastic bottles where funds collected from selling these plastic bottles are used to buy chairs for public school children.

    Moving their social project a notch higher, Aldub will now use 100 percent of the tickets—estimated to amass P14 million—from Sa Tamang Panahon to fund public libraries in schools nationwide, majority of which have been devastated by the typhoon.

    Eat Bulaga promised that updates on the building of these public libraries would be shown starting next week.


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    1. Ang show ay isang entertainment. Siguro doon sa mga ayaw hindi naman pinilit ng EAT BULAGA na panoorin nibyo yong show. Can you recomnend sonething better para ma entertain yong 29 million na nanood? kung wala bamang ma recommend i suggest manahimik na lang.

    2. To maxwell alvarez. Alam mo ba na ang taong mababaw ang umaasenso saka kilala mo ba ang mga taong humahanga sa kanila itigil mo ang pagkain ng ampalaya bata.v

    3. Ganito na lang Maxwell and Ed. E di sa channel 2 ka manood. Dami mo sinabi???? Simple lang yan mga Brod.

    4. fantastic show.. congratulations for the EB dabarkads and the aldub nations… aldub fans.. mabuhay ! ! !

    5. Maxwell Alvarez on

      This is TV for the profoundly shallow. After all, Aldub is a piece of fiction. Maine Mendoza’s only notable talent (if you can call it that) is dub smashing. Alden Richards is nothing but eye candy whose musical talent should be left to lip syncing. What deserves my contempt is it perpetuates the stereotype that the Filipina is a maid. She is servile and shallow and her only purpose in life is to swept of her feet by an equally shallow rich boy-man. This is the reason why this country will never progress to where it is now. We’ve always been accused of being a damaged culture. Aldub proves it.

      • Chill out bro. Have fun. You are perorating as usual the line of the so called intelligentsia, the supposed intellectuals of your country. But if you think of it, these pseudo intellectuals and geniuses of are good for nothing. Look they are looking for China–the presumed enemy of your country– to make PCOS machine for their elections, they import trains from that country too.Your intellectuals including you perhaps are driving imported cars, using imported electronic gadgets and can’t even build an industrial-military complex for your supposed national security. No wonder China could just deliver a solid kick in the ass to your country. Now you have the temerity to say that ALDUB is shallow?

      • Is that how you see a female member of your family? Come one level up this just an entertainment pure & simple, and don’t overstretch your imagination to the point of stereotyping all Filipinas that’s over the roof. Come one you know better than what you’ve written. Tell you what, just enjoy dude.

      • Hello Maxwell….where have u been? Are u living in a far-away Timbuktu or in ne of the high-rise condo of Makati? I think you also perpetuate the shallow or “mababaw” observation of Ms. Lea Salonga where it has been blasted to smitherens by Joey and the Aldub fans, that resulted to humiliating public apology from her. Yes it is fiction, but who says we are not truly entertainment by an exceptional love story played out in front of our living rooms, as well as the TV and computer monitors of millions of homesick OFW’s and kababayans. I don’t know what your talent is but to downplayed and downgrade other people’s God-give gifts reeks of outright jealousy, bitterness and crab mentality. Your putdown as a stereotype Filipino maid story is an insult to the 39.5M record-setting tweeting Filipinos here and abroad who considers it a superb and excellent show that promotes moral values regeneration and the bayanihan spirit amidst the chaos and chichanery of Philippine politics. Therefore, the only reason why this country wiil not progress is not because of your perceived bias perception of damaged culture but because of your kind…..the few people who are shortsighted, callous, indifferent and intolerant to Filipino pride and culture. And Aldub proves you otherwise.

      • >>> Yes I do agree. So stop damaging the happiness of the people. DAHIL WALANG KANG PAKI !!!!!

        You better go and watch na lang the show in congress and sandigan bayan o ombudsman. AND JOIN THE BAND OF HYPOCRITES IN PALACE.

      • Maxwell! You said it exactly how I thought it.

        You are right on point, this is pure fiction and whoever thinks this is otherwise, needs a reality check.

        It is quite sad that the majority of the Filipinos gravitate towards this shallow, mindless entertainment that has obviously been perpetuated.

      • Mag research muna po kayo bago kayo mag comment. This is an entertainment that injects Filipino values to young generations na bihira mo na mapanood sa telebision. Kaya nga nabigyan ng Catholic Social Media award ng CBCP ang palabas na ito.

    6. Philippine TV stations should produce and promote educational shows rather than this non-sense.

      • Marami na po tayong educational shows sa Philippine TV, entertainment po ito plus charity work din dahil lahat ng bumili ng tickets sa PH Arena ay 100% ay ipagagawa ng Aldub library sa buong Pilipinas, di ba po magandang hangarin ito ng Eat Bulaga? Sana lang wag na lan tayong bitter

      • It`s nonsense to some people,but entertaining to some people.Most especially now a days we are getting dogged by stress at work, all we want is to laugh and Philippine TV entertainment are giving us this need.

      • >>> You tell us which show gives educatonal show? Baka naman nasanay at nahilig ka lamang sa “educational show” ng Congress, Ombudsaman at Sandigan Byan? Siguro gusto mong maging abugado, sana marami ka matutunan sa mga iyan at kung wala humingi ka ng payo kay Lola Nidora otherwise “wala kang paki”.

    7. Yes, I was one of the “Team Abroad” who watched the episode and certainly, I was touched by the actuation of Alden and the reciprocating gesture of Maine……..truly, you will be carried……nice show!!!!!