TV5 realizes ‘mini-movies’ dream


‘Studio5 Originals’ rolls out on February 4

Derek Ramsay and Angel Aquino in ‘Bawat Sandali’

Derek Ramsay and Angel Aquino in ‘Bawat Sandali’

When seasoned TV executive Wilma Galvante joined TV5 as head of it Entertainment department in 2012, it was her singular goal “to show viewers something fresh and something original.”

It was then she floated the ultimate idea of producing movies made for TV, which to say the least is a very daunting task, but one that has finally become a reality for the third player in the network war.

“Magsisimula na po,” she proudly albeit emotionally announced on Thursday night at the special press preview of what is now dubbed as “Studio5 Original Movies.”

Promising to bring “the best of cinema to free TV5,” the ground breaking project brings a precious collection of quality-produced made-for-TV movies featuring Philippine cinema’s biggest stars and created by the country’s highly acclaimed filmmakers, among them Joel Lamangan and Mac Alejandre.

To be seen exclusively on TV5 every Tuesday at 8 p.m., Studio5 Original Movies offers unique full-length for the enjoyment of the whole family. Comprising the “Love Month” series this February are the first four film offerings that are bound to captivate the heart of viewers with their moving stories of self-discovery, destiny, second chances, and true love.

Airing on February 4 as the opening salvo is Lady Next Door, top-billed by timeless beauty Alice Dixson and Artista Academy’s teen heartthrob Mark Neumann as they star in a romantic story that defies age and challenges the accepted norms in society.

 The iconic love team of Superstar Nora Aunor and seasoned actor Tirso Cruz 3rd in ‘When I Fall In Love’

The iconic love team of Superstar Nora Aunor and seasoned actor Tirso Cruz 3rd in ‘When I Fall In Love’

This is a story of a troubled teenager Jake (Neumann) who falls obsessively in love with Hanna, a much older woman who is emotionally struggling with her personal problems. Despite their age difference, they find happiness in each other’s company and, before they know it, realize that they have fallen in love with each other.

Set to make cinematic history on TV is the Valentine’s Day special airing on February
11.  Titled When I Fall In Love, the highly awaited onscreen reunion of the most iconic Philippine love team of all time, Guy and Pip. In this tear-jerking family saga, superstar Nora Aunor and multi-awarded dramatic actor Tirso Cruz 3rd reunite as a couple faced with the ultimate test of true love. Almost a year before their 40th wedding anniversary, Armando Buenaventura (Tirso Cruz 3rd) is diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. Being a doctor, he knows his slim chances of recovery and decides to forego treatment and instead spend what little time he has left with his family. Most importantly, he wants to renew his vow with his beloved wife Fely (Nora Aunor) on their 40th anniversary. What follows is a compelling tale of how they relive their beautiful love affair and share the meaning of true love with their three children: Ricky (Marc Abaya), Nica (Nadine Samonte), and Louie (Felix Roco).

Alice Dixson and Mark Neumann in ‘The Lady Next Door’

Alice Dixson and Mark Neumann in ‘The Lady Next Door’

On February 18, TV5 primetime princess and Cinemalaya Best Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Brazilian-Japanese hunk Daniel Matsunaga star in the romantic comedy The Replacement Bride.  Jasmine plays the role of Chynna, a broken-hearted lass who makes the mistake of ruining the wedding of Kael (Matsunaga), a successful architect who was about to marry his girlfriend of three years if not for Chynna’s intrusion. Determined to make Chynna rectify her wrongdoing, Kael forces her to do everything to win back the heart of his girlfriend Sandy (Arci Muñoz).

The grand finale to the Love Month series airs on February 25, with the breath-taking story and powerhouse cast of Bawat Sandali. Featuring Derek Ramsay, Angel Aquino, Yul Servo, Mylene Dizon, and Phillip Salvador, the mini movie presents a tragic love affair and a crime mystery that unveils the most shameful discovery.

  Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Daniel Matsunaga in ‘The Replacement Bride’

Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Daniel Matsunaga in ‘The Replacement Bride’

As Alice Dixon succinctly put it during the Studio5 Original Movies preview, “This is such a great venue to tell a beautiful story.”



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