• Tweetie De Leon reveals her secret to good health and happiness


    When it comes to aging, there is no other industry that feels the pressure of judgment quite like show business. But Tweetie De Leon-Gonzalez, who turned 50 years old this year, is lucky to be rid of such anxiety, enviably because she could pass for someone two decades younger.

    A fashion model at an early age, who became the first Filipina Ford Supermodel, De Leon-Gonzales went on to become an actress in Enteng Kabisote: Okay Ka, Fairy Ko as Faye for six years (1987 to 1992). Today she is an entrepreneur who owns and manages her TDLG boutique, which designs and manufactures handcrafted jewelry; and most significantly for the celebrity, she is a wife and mother to four children as well.

    “I felt very much welcoming of this new year. I became a little emotional maybe because at 50 there’s so much for me to be thankful for. I have what I want and a little extra. I have the comfort of a home, security, friends who always wish me well, and a family who continues to pour out love for me,” she said empathically at a birthday celebration her new endorsement Organique Acai Berry organized for her at Edsa Shangri-La Manila.

    For the past years, Gonzalez shared that one of her realizations is that her priorities in life have changed somehow.

    “I really define myself as a mom because when the kids were growing up, I was very much into my career, I was starting a business—which I still have, but now that they’re teenagers, I am more engaged in their lives,” she admitted.

    “Secondly, I define myself as a wife, and third, being a health advocate. My priority really is to be well because as the kids get older it seems that they need you more, more than when they were babies,” Gonzalez continued.

    As everyone knows, the former supermodel has been a health buff all her life. She puts so much emphasis on health because for her, happiness is also derived from balanced nutrition, exercise, rest and recreation.

    “I don’t do anything special. I really just eat well and I take care of myself. I balance my life. It’s not really a secret but it’s my personal formula. I work but I rest, I work but I play. I engage socially with my friends but I always make sure that I have time for myself. I exercise but I also eat. I don’t stop myself from eating ice cream or pizza if I want. I eat but I only eat enough. I don’t over indulge,” she detailed.

    The supermodel is also into sports, having been a volleyball player during her schooldays. Of late, she got into scuba diving, mountain hiking, and kickboxing. Today, she is mostly into yoga, running, squash and tennis.

    “I think that’s the secret to staying fit and energetic. You challenge yourself and you get excited about what’s new because you want to learn things and you want to do everything you can. I’m a tennis fanatic as I know all the tennis players in the world, but I never had the chance to do it myself until now,” De Leon-Gonzalez enthused.

    In the five decades of happily living her life and still looking fit, fabulous and ever beautiful, she has taught herself to let go of situations she cannot control.

    “Anxiety arrests health and happiness and nothing is worth risking your sanity and well-being. Just pray and lift your worries to heaven. Everything will sort itself out,” she advised.

    “The only thing I can teach to people who look up to me is to take care of themselves, which I believe is the most effectual way to balance life. Eat well to prevent illness — these I think really is the secret to being happy,” she concluded.


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