Two China media staff still held after Xi ‘resign’ call: letter


BEIJING: A Chinese media outlet that carried a call for President Xi Jinping to resign has been shut down and two of its staff has been detained for more than 100 days, according to a social media post Friday. Wujie News website in March published an anonymous letter accusing the Chinese leader of a litany of policy mistakes and asking him to step down for the good of the country on the eve of a high-profile political meeting. The letter, signed “Loyal Communist Party members,” was quickly deleted and staff reported a wave of detentions as authorities tried to track down the document’s author. Wujie also stopped publishing original articles on its website. Wujie chief executive officer Ouyang Hongliang and senior editor Cheng Shengzhong have been “out of contact” for 101 days “assisting relevant departments with an investigation”, Ouyang’s wife Liu Yankun said in a letter posted on social media.



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