Ain’t watching
P3.8M for a ringside ticket to the Pacquiao-Mayweather bout I won’t watch on May 2 on TV.?

I think muttering-stutter-stepping Muhammad Ali is partly what he is today cuz of hard blows he received in a “sport” where the intent is to hurt a fellow human being. Hard blows to the solar plexus or the brain.

• Such blows have arguably made Manny Pacquiao think he qualifies for the House, PBA and showbiz, and that celebrity entitles him to evade the billions Kim Henares asserts he owes the people ? in the way of taxes.

• Her firm determination to make him pay his dues has partly paid off.?

In 2016, the Senate, and in 2022, the whole enchilada?

• Susmaryosep!?

Manny finally went to the House, but it was the one in DC. No recent sighting of him in our own.

But, he has billions from the Manly art of modified murder

• (W.O. McGeehan), ergo, a Man of Respect.?

As a Christian and human being, I am not watching on May 2. Murder is Murder, even if modified in the Manly Art.

• • •

Countless “fans”, including pastors in Manny’s religion, will respond to the Call of the Wild.

This month an Aussie, Braydon Smith, was killed by Pinoy boxer John Moralde, prompting the Australian Medical Association to renew its call to ban a barbaric activity whose intent is to harm a fellow human being, not the aim in other sports.

On May 2, many will be in the Roman Coloseum (or Coliseum), where two gladiators will salute ?the bloodthirsty mob, “We who are about to die. . . . . Ave, Imperatur, morituri te salutant. . . .”


* * *

There was a time decades ago when those among us who cared about Sabah spoke with a single voice. Maybe in the 60’s, when I was in San Beda, and in the later part of the decade, when I became a serious student of the question in the US, but martial law put the issue in the back burner.

Today, I am not so sure. What we want matters but more important arguably is what the native Sabahans would want.

Self-determination is seen as a vital human right.

We should have soundings on how we Pinoys, including the Sultanate of Sulu, feel, what Malaysia expects and most important, what do the million native or ethnic Sabahans want? Would they want to be governed by Imperial Manila?

We need to look for a win-win-win formula to solve another problem of centuries. — RAVS


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  1. Justaskingseriously on

    “Ave, Imperatur, morituri te salutant….” Obviously the announcer is addressing the Emperor, “Hail, Emperor,” the gladiators “who are going to die greet you….” You could have written so in plain English. That way you could have easily avoided misspelling “Imperatur”. The way it is written, it is in the passive form, third person singular, present tense of the verb “imperare” from which we get “imperative”.

    If Manny Pacquiao gets to achieve his ambition in 2022 and goes the way of Cassius Clay, would he be classified as “incapacitated”?

    If the doble-cara sycophants (Hyatt 10?) decided that their milking cow is finally seeing through their charade and decide to abandon him, would some cabinet members finally declare your favorite “incapacitated”? Do you have any idea why your favorite has started to use this “doble-cara” term? Or is he simply “projecting” himself?

  2. mr saguisag, nobody’s forcing you to watch a fight. i’d rather watch pacquiao do his thing in the ring than listen/watch our idiot politicians strutting their stuff on the senate/congress floor.