Two countries commit to strenghten cooperation


WITH renewed ties, the Philippines and the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam are looking forward to a strengthened diplomatic relations.

In political cooperation, two countries are committed to increasing the frequency and diversifying the modes of bilateral exchanges at all levels, including political parties, heads of state, government, departments/ministries and other national agencies, the Legislature, local government units and technical working groups, as well as establish the hotline between senior leaders of both countries. Besides, other more focused joint commissions, dialogues or mechanisms of cooperation may be put in place between relevant agencies of both countries in order to carry out other goals under the Strategic Partnership.

In economic cooperation, two sides will convene the Viet Nam-Philippines Joint Commission on Trade (JCT) and reactivate Viet Nam-Philippines Business Council to explore ways in enhancing economic cooperation by creating mutually favourable conditions in trade of agricultural and non-agricultural products; shipping; and countertrade; promoting investments in key areas; exchanging business missions; encouraging participation in trade fairs; conducting exchanges and dialogues on macroeconomic policies and FTA engagements; sharing of relevant information; and identifying other areas of cooperation in trade and economic development.

In defense, security, judicial and law enforcement cooperation, joint confidence and capacity-building activities between two countries will be conducted leading to the eventual holding of actual joint activities between the two navies, the timing and modalities of which shall be subject to future discussion.

Two countries also agreed to increase cooperation to enhance the capability of both sides in combating traditional and non-traditional security threats, especially international terrorism and transnational crime. Cooperation between the Philippines’ Department of Interior and Local Government, Philippine National Police, Philippine Center on Transnational Crime and National Security Council and Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security and other related agencies of the Ministry will be explored through activities such as: conduct of regular joint working group meetings (at Vice Minister level) to exchange of information and best practices. In accordance with international law and the respective laws of the Viet Nam and the Philippines, both countries agreed to mutually cooperate and collaborate towards ensuring that its respective territories will not be used by any organization or non-state actor, to threaten the sovereignty, territorial integrity or political and economic stability of either country.

In maritime and ocean affairs cooperation, two countries agreed to convene Viet Nam-Philippines Joint Commission on Maritime and Ocean Cooperation at the Vice-Minister level to promote cooperation in all aspects of maritime and ocean-related affairs taking into account the obligations under international law particularly UNCLOS. Both sides also agreed to be consistent with the two countries’ relevant domestic laws and regulations as well as international law to promote maritime cooperation in the South China Sea (SCS), including the conduct of appropriate joint activities in mutually agreed areas in the SCS in the spirit of forging closer friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

In socio-cultural and other cooperation, two sides will work towards the conclusion of an agreement to open up programs for exchanges of students, researchers, trainers, faculties, and other experts in technical and vocational education; and allow for the pursuit of accreditation and mutual recognition of education and academic qualifications. Vietnam and the Philippines will also push for closer cooperation in scientific research, disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster prevention, disaster response and disaster rehabilitation and recovery.

In multilateral cooperation, Vietnam and the Philippines reaffirm the importance of an effective multilateral system and undertake to pursue closer cooperation and coordination in a wide range of issues and interconnected challenges confronting the international community, in accordance with international law and the principles of rule of law, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Both countries agreed to proactively strengthen and effectively participate in the regional and international fora to enhance maritime cooperation as well as to contribute to peace, security and development in the region and in the world.


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