The Parade (A Friday the 13th Piece)

    I watch an animal kingdom fall:
    A macabre parade of butchery
    Vultures and ravens emerge from the smog
    Their beaks a message ruptured,

    And rats’ pallid mouths scream inaudible protest
    As the mightiest of the scavengers planked above,
    Equally cruel and depraved as frenzied crows,
    Attack every verdict of death,

    I shut my eyes again and again,
    My weeping mourns the living and the dead.

    * * *

    The Outbreak

    And them people of the Orient Seas
    Sons and daughters of the Golden Sun
    Whose lives are suddenly changed drastically
    By a war waged not by deafening bombs
    Nor by weapons of mass destruction wrecks.
    A conflict plagues the Far East atmosphere
    Black Smoke drifting into heaps by the
    Worldwide web hitting the most vulnerable ones
    Spreading hostility, rage and hate
    A revolution that goes by and beyond bandwidth,
    Pixelated images fed the gullible ones.
    Frantic outbursts filled the screens
    Wailings and distant cries echo far and wide.
    Before me relationship shatters
    Dark, cold hearts proliferate
    All to the joy of men who procure such war
    A war that continues to grow and infect
    Killing my hope for my descendants
    I can only pray for my kith and kin.



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