Two Poems



The Blue Demon of a Guilty Conscience

There is no devil harder
To exorcise than the shrieking
Bat-winged, seven-horned
Blue demon of a guilty
Conscience. So hold your
Double-bladed tongue, gently
Sheathe your Excalibur.
Wound not your brother
And make lasting peace
With your sworn enemy!

* * *

The Unicorn Demythologized

Ugh! the nerve and gall of those
Nosey paleontologists who had
Nothing more heroic to do than
Furiously dig up and exhume
A twenty-nine thousand year
Old Siberian unicorn’s skull,
Aha! in some far-flung, frozen

Tundra in exotic Kazakhstan.
Through sheer archeological
Alchemy and potent shamanic
Computer graphic sorcery, they
Adeptly resurrected a furry,
Ugly, lumbering brown beast
In the likeness of a laidback

Rhinoceros, instead of the sleek,
Neighing, immaculate whiteness
Of a fabled thoroughbred steed
Of yore. Is this not proof enough
That fact screams the loudest
And behaves in a vulgar fashion
Compared with genteel fiction?

Akin to a sadistic stormtrooper
Sir Truth, with a single mighty
Kick of his heavy-duty, hobnailed
Boot, breaks down the locked
Door of the soul’s sanctuary,
Overturning the wide round
Table of inspiration, spilling

The blood-red Moscatel wine
From the imagination’s cracked
Holy Grail. Beware! all virgin
Damsels in distress. You’ve just
Irrevocably lost your gallant
Equine of classical mythology
To the black knight of crass reality.


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