Two Poems



if i could climb your body now
will you still remember the warmth
of my eager hands and impulsive lips?

will you be the same woman
who came to me with ardent desire?
this is not the same room where i
first uttered your name

the bed is unkempt from sleepless nights
of waiting and there is a blue moon outside
i can only articulate the inaudible
minute explosions inside myself

and i heartgrief in the night
like a pulsar losing its rhythmic pulse
isolated from its binary self

i am certain you left a discernible
trace of your gaze somewhere where
my heart could asphyxiate or burst
into smouldering embers

i have always been a primordial flame
my primal desire is to drift on and on
your fertile crescent

but then i could only be lucid dreaming

* * *


“My creed is love and you are its only tenet.” –John Keats

whatever words a heartbeat translates
within every one point two seconds
that is my faith stronger
than my capacity
to believe

my heart is
a shape-shifting
flame: a lotus or a rose
that will devour any lambent sun
it knows its own tenderness and pain
come to me sans counting the days or
configuring a conceptual metaphor
come to me in your barest
essential syllable

here i am
here will i be
neither words nor poetry
our reality: space and distance this
longing too for your circummortal pride
how i pine for you with delirious desire
the rivulets of your locks enmeshed
between my clumsy fingers and
the liquefaction of your
lips on mine

i’ll plunge
myself deep into you
in fire and blood of the august sun
be enraptured into your heaving vibrations
‘til i am enclosed and sheathed in via lacteal


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