Two Poems


Emails and Attachments

She sent photographs of herself months ago

Nothing was written on them, just a couple of photos

But the wires on her head said she was in a hospital

Her uneven shoulders rested on the bed

Her face lifted by her smile, so beautiful and always gentle

In another photo she seemed to be in pain from the medication

But no sign of grief or defeat or suicidal intentions

All I could think is she’s a goddess and she’ll never have to die

Unlike us filthy mortals scraping for love in dark alleys of this hell

The one and only ache that vanquished my heart

I wished to reply

But only a mum white screen of nudity staring me in the eye

What does she want to hear?

I no longer know if I have anything to say. Clicked delete.

I can’t save her.

* * *


To Maningning


I’ve read your works today and they were inconsolably sweet
And they spoke to me
Honeyed poems persistently and eternally nibbled by termites

You were 28 when I was just a little kid.
I am now 20 and you would have been in your 40s but you remained 28 forever.
Either way I will still find you lovely.

The almond eyes like an animal’s. Always suspicious like a feline
The sickly arms and necessitous smile
I wonder how you are.
Do you like long bus rides on a rainy day or do you prefer slow afternoons in your room
Do you like cream or milk in your coffee? Do you even drink coffee at all?


Leaping from one page to another
Is the desire for space yet to be satisfied? I am lost like the rest of us

A feather


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