• Two Poems


    Redefining Poetry

    Poetry is not the plain
    Alphabet of signs and
    Sounds, of graphemes
    And phonemes, but
    Of the inarticulate
    Composed of the invisible
    ABC Blocks and texts of
    Rarified air. Poetry is
    Subtlest geometry with

    Slowly fading points,
    Lines, angles, arcs, circles,
    Squares and triangles
    Of idioms and meanings,
    And not the fixed denotations
    And exact definition
    Of words. Poetry is
    Not the advanced calculus
    Of differential Equation,
    Vector and Vertex, but
    Basic subtraction in
    Syllables and symbols.
    Poetry is the science
    Of quantum versification,
    Of subatomic metaphorical
    Photons and random
    Quasar enjambments;
    And not Newton’s apple
    Of gravity, or the law of
    Hyperbolic conservation.
    Poetry is not sleight-of-lips,
    Mere magical trick of pulling
    A rabbit-eared nuance,
    But the alchemy of absences
    And presences, conjuring
    A poem that Is not spoken
    Or writ, but leaves everything
    Nameless, Ineffable, unsaid

    And reverberating with
    Pure silence when whispered
    By the hermetically-sealed,
    Expanseless mouth of infinity
    In the whorled ear of eternity!

    * * *

    The Lexicographer

    There was a lexicographer
    Who, when he found out that his work
    Rhymes with the demeaning word “gopher,”
    Hastily switched to a new racket
    As a professional sycophant
    Which, alas, rhymes with the term “ant,”
    Which in turn made him feel quite small
    And, by Godzilla, not ten feet tall!


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