• Two Poems


    Life and Love According
    to Monsieur Le Mort
    Ah to live, Mon Petite,
    And love without limit;
    For life is sweet but short,
    Says Monsieur Le Mort;
    And the rose of romance–
    A fleeting nuance.

    * * *

    Closet Poet

    To whom shall he, closet
    Poet, dedicate his stillborn
    Epic lines? To a mythical
    Olympian goddess? To an
    Overbearing, fickle muse?
    Or to oyster-lipped Silence
    Herself as she secretes in
    Her mouth the gleaming

    Nacre of future speech.
    Nothing in this verbatim
    World matter that is unsaid.
    Shy bard, unleash the blue
    Skeletons of ambiguity
    And bone-hard metaphors
    Rattling in the dark closet
    Of your dumbstruck soul.


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