Two presidential death anniversaries


There will be a Mass for Tita Cory at 6:15 this evening in Rockwell. Death anniversary. Henerala Margie Juico texted. This foot soldier in the Yellow Army—am I privileged to be one—plans to go. Last week, Ricky Avanceña approached me in a resto (Kamameshi). Today is also the death anniversary of his Lolo MLQ. The other night, with Bedan son, Misha, I was in a wake in Mendiola for Fr. Basil, our alum association Moderator, in a festive final “home-going” gathering of a pride of Lions, et al.

No coverage as that for Pinoy Jose Antonio Vargas who was in Time’s cover in 2012 as a TNT. Again in the news recently, freed by Border Patrol in Texas. A Pulitzer Prize winner, he has been called America’s most famous undocumented alien, and has wide support.

Late last Friday I came to know and see full-page pixes of Emmanuel Alabado when I browsed my Summer 2014 Harvard Law Bulletin, just delivered. Not cover boy but on page 1, shown with two kids. Again, on page 21, captioned: “RECOGNIZED. Emmanuel Alabado had been trying for 10 years to win recognition as a US citizen before Margaret Stock took on his case pro bono and won. Born in the Philippines by an American father, Alabado qualified for citizenship with the passage of the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, but when US Immigration Authorities incorrectly denied his eligibility, he found himself an illegal resident in his own country.”

“When Margaret Stock, [Harvard Law]’92 was young, her great grandfather, an Army veteran of the Philippine-American War. . ..” was how the article “Stock in Trade” began. Page 19. Hmmm, War, not Insurrection. Harvard has a passion for precision in expression.

Alabado’s a love child. His pop, a US, soldier, took him there. This Alabado good news I’d like to see in local media choking on negative nihilistic news. From time to time, we lawyers naman do good things, pro bono (puro abono). I’d like to know where Emmanuel has roots here. Where is Mom? There’s red meat here. I am not aware of any other Pinoy who has gotten as much ink as Emmanuel in Harvard Law.

Harvard Law Today arrived with the Bulletin at the same time; what caught my attention was a member of Class ‘14, Kristine Fleschner, a marathoner and cyclist who is blind. Remember Roselle Ambubuyog, the 2001 Ateneo valedictorian, summa?

But none are so blind as those who will not see, Prof. Akong Santos would stress to us in San Beda pre-law. I live in Makati. This wealthy local government unit provides city judges, office and parking space, P25T a month as allowance (in Taguig, P50T kunó), and official cars. Let wealthy local fiefdoms compete in helping lay down and strengthen the economic foundation of honesty. When four pesos could support a family, tsismis in Manila about CFI Judges involved only one. In Pasig, we had the likes of Judges Bienvenido Tan and Cecilia Munoz Palma. Let’s again attract the best and the brightest with better working conditions.

I am for keeping the Judiciary Development Fund but its disposition should be decided not by any Chief Justice alone. A more collegial arrangement is preferable, including a lawmaker to honor the congressional power-of-the-purse principle. And there should be quarterly reporting to all executive judges, as mandated by Sec. 3 of P.D. No. 1949. My studes have struggled to produce one, seemingly in vain.

The pay of Supreme Court Justices should be upped to P500T monthly, at least, so they will stop collecting as members of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, which has no case at all. No work no pay. We don’t want them charged with syndicated estafa for collecting under arguably false pretenses. Less than ethical? The virtue of candor  matters.

Sure, it’s the right of their employees to protest as they did for CJ Rene Corona but would they hurt benefiting local government court personnel—no cross-border—and prejudice public service? Not during office hours.

PNoy has 700 days to go. Let him be. Jojobama Binay may be honest – let’s give him the benefit of the doubt – but will the band play “When the Saints Go Marching In” on June 30, 2016 when he takes his oath? O, ayan, Jojobama, naluluha ka na naman.

I had class last Monday so I could not watch the SONA. There were tears reportedly due to PNoy’s cri de couer. Not from the Binays when someone called Jojobama Mr. Prez? I was not sure how to take the walkout last Monday. I had in Makati Elementary, Good Manners and Right Conduct. Unimportant today? (We would walk out during martial law but in this time of Ampaw?). 20 years of Macoy/Meldy. Ten years of Glo/Mike. Dark eras of Good Timing and Right Connect.

PNoy lays down his share of bricks in the national cathedral for others to build on. Let the ‘16 Senate rise; let’s see the likes of rookies Gibo Teodoro, Alex Padilla, Tony Meloto and Leni Robredo there.

In the next 700 days may we see more blending of powers among our government co-workers, to give our people a better life.

Korea was ashes in 1955. The South is a phenom. The North now has missiles which it claims it can aim at Washington, D.C.. Tayo, tri-sikad pa rin in our crabby circular firing squad society. Dyips, sa halip na Lexus o Honda. No Fili-Novelas of export quality. In sports, Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan have made waves in world golf, besoboru, tennis and soccer, for which we are built. But our passion and obsession remain with basketball, for which we are not. Fiel, pero desdichado, faithful, but unfortunate.

Man a rational animal? A San Beda teacher of mine (Prof. Icasiano) would say man is an emotional animal. PNoy scored last Monday by appealing to the rational emotional animals we are.

The Inevitability of Jojobama in 2016? Hagulgol! Jojo (nakalupasay), tahan na.

Let’s cut to the chase and keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, not in midair. In life, we play with the cards we are dealt.


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  1. Yang mga makakaliwa na yan ano bang silbi ginawa nila sa kongreso, puro sila reklamo. Binigyan sila ng opportunidad ng tao para gumawa ng mfa aksyon pero may napala ba ang tao sa mga boto nila. Mga wala silang modoang kaya lang nila magwalkout, magpapansin para mapansin ng midya tapos ano lolokohin at guguluhin ang isip ngaralitang pilipino sa mga pakikibakang wala na mang ginawang tama sa ating sociedad.

    Sa isyu ni Pnoy, di ko man siya binoto walang perpektong lider, lahat sila imposibleng walang pinakinabangan sa kaban ng bayan, pero sa pagkakataon na ito marapatin na respetuhin nya ang principalidad ng Saligang Batas at ng mga tatlong sangay ng gobyerno at kung nais niya ang tunay na tuwid na daan marapat na maging patas siya sa laban ng korupsyon, wala dapat ang kulturang kabarilan, kakosa, kaklase, walang exempted ang may sala managot.

    Ika nga ang malupit na hustiya pag taong bayan na mismo ang marapat na humusga at magdisiplina sa mga taong inukulan niya ng kapangyarihan tayoy isang demokrasya na dapat nagtutulungan sa ikauunlad ng buong bayan di lang ng mga exclusive villages at metropolis, dapat ang tunay na progreso nararamdaman ng karaniwang mamamayan tipong sapat na sweldo, edukasyon at sapat na ppndo sa kalusugan at social development hindi malayong tayo ang susunod na economic miracle tulad ng singapore, japan at south korea ang kulang disiplina at nasyonalismo at pagkakaisa

  2. You mean the wealth of the Binay’s, declared but mostly undeclared, is commensurate to their measly government salaries? In the twenty seven years of Binay rule in Makati, ask any of the thousands that have done substantial business with Makati city hall whether there is corruption all the way to the top.

  3. Dear kabayan Rene, TagaPasig din ako at me idad na ika nga. Hindi ba illegal ang ginawa ni Noy kasabwat si Abad sa pagpirata sa kaban ng bayan sa pamamagitan ng DAP? Tanong ko lang, bakit kahit isang abogado ay walang nagsampa ng kaso laban sa kanilang katiwalian? Nanonood ang ibang bansa at investors sa buong mundo sa nangyayari sa pamahalaan at napagtanto nila na mapanganib magnegosyo sa Pilipinas kapag hindi mapaparusahan ang mga magnanakaw na yan. You comment please…

  4. Ahh but you will never venture to ask Jojobama, how he managed to rise to become a multibillionaire from your jeepney-riding days as pro-bono human rights lawyers. At least Marcos has the Yamashita treasure alibi which always make your eyes roll heavenwards in disbelief; ano naman kaya kay Jojobama, Atty Saguisag?

  5. Gloria M. Kuizon on

    Sir, Rene, I respect you for being a man of integrity and a good example of what a public leader should be. But I am not sure where you stand about the presidency of VP Binay. Gusto po ba ninyo siyang maging president or hindi?
    Para sa akin okay lang siya.

  6. Jojo Ninay, the inevitable in 2017 is a “mega jail” not a lofty Office of the Presodent! Hindi bagay at dapat na upuan ni Binay! Walang pagkatao at kakayahan patakbuhin ang opisina ng Pangulo! Alam ni Binay mega deals at construction ng mahal na parking garage!

  7. SONA or Soap opera ni Aquino as others say was just another drama with fashion element to it. Watching these well dressed senators and congressmen/women while millions are hungry with no job and living in poverty is an insult to the thousands of people who died in Yolanda tragedy. Yes Pilipinas was left behind by other asian country…history will not lie that it started after these yellow minions take over Pinas. Ang sigaw nila noon demokrasya. Eh, para naman mga bantay salakay, kasabihan nga -ang magnanakaw ay talagang galit sa kapwa magnanakaw dahil baka di sya maka score. Ayan after almost 30 yrs nasaan na ang Pilipinas? Umaasa lang naman sa mga tulong or donasyon dahil ang govt eh walang brain mag create job.

  8. gabriela silang on

    if it’s ok to walk out then, why not now? fair is fair. you walked out coz you don’t believe in the dictator. fine. they walk out coz they don’t believe in the despot. unethical, ill manner? we just can’t impose our standards and beliefs on others, right? the last time i checked, ours is still a democracy albeit in peril.