Two tales of playful bets


    This statuesque actress (SA)—a self-confessed lipstick lesbian—once dated a sultry singer (SS) she admittedly had a crush on, with the former inviting the latter to play pocket billiards.

    What was initially supposed to be just a katuwaan led to a pustahan, but with no money involved. Before the start of the game, SS dared SA: “Okay, here’s the deal. If you beat me, by all means you can take me home, how’s that?”

    Without SS knowing, playing pocket billiards is SA’s game—she’d always win even against her male opponents. “Call!” SA retorted, however, pretending she was no good at it.

    All throughout the game, SS could only repeatedly scratch her head, unbelievably awed by SA’s almost perfect shots that would impress even Efren Bata Reyes himself.

    Long story short, SA crushed SS—and fate knew where they went next.

    * * *

    It’s still SA who’s the central character in this story.

    Many times in the past, she’d go out on nightly gimmicks in the company of gay friends. That’s the reason why she’s hailed, “Reyna ng mga Bakla.”

    Once at a bar, SA’s group chanced upon a chinito actor (CA) during his younger years.

    SA then invited the CA to join her group seated right next to his table. “Okay lang ba na napapaligiran ka ng mga bading?” SA politely asked CA, while her gay friends giggled.

    “So, you like me?” SA turned to CA, slightly embarrassed. “Okay, here’s the deal. You can smooch me on one condition,” SA posed another challenge.

    “Of course, you’re surrounded by all these badings. Katuwaan lang, can you unzip your pants? No, you don’t have to strip, just unzip,” SA said.

    CA did as told, much to the uproarious delight of SA’s gay buddies.


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