Two-way election fraud: electronic and manual


CHEATING in the May 9 elections was massive and nearly unstoppable; it involved two major operations: one electronic (the rigging of the automated Comelec vote count); and the other manual (the outright doctoring by hand of the ballots and the certificates of canvass).

The chief beneficiaries of the vote rigging were:

1. Leni Robredo, who was enabled to beat Bongbong Marcos in the vice-presidential contest;

2. Franklin Drilon, who was catapulted to No. 1 in the senatorial race in order to surpass Joel Villanueva, the surprise pacesetter in the early count.

3. Mar Roxas, who was elevated to second place in the presidential race.

The biggest victim of the cheating was Bongbong Marcos, who some say would have won the vice-presidential race by 3 million votes without the cheating.

The combination of electronic and manual fraud could have overcome also Mayor Duterte’s formidable vote margin, had the manipulators pursued the plan to its conclusion. But the chief architect of the cheating, President Benigno BS Aquino, chickened out.

Quick test on electronic fraud
There is no such thing as partial cheating; all cheating is designed to accomplish an ignoble end—the fraudulent or illegitimate victory of a favored candidate.

In answer to those who claim that the Smartmatic tampering with the vote count was confined to only the unofficial count of the votes, and that the official canvass was not affected, foreign experts urge us to conduct a simple test which will show us what really happened electronically, even before the systems audit of the automated Election System (AES) is conducted.

We will know whether Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista and Sen. Bam Aquino lied to us when they told the nation solemnly that the Script change *(or hash code change) made by Smartmatic affected only the Comelec transparency server at the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), and not the Comelec central server through this simple test:

Compare the spelling of the names Seneres, Osmena, etc in the PPCRV server, and the spelling of the same names in the central and other servers.

If there was no tampering with the central server, the spelling of the names “Seneres , osmena, etc.” would bear a question mark rather than the letter “ñ”, just like the transparency server.

If there is tampering, the spelling of these names, with the question marks corrected, would be the same for all servers.

This verification test will determine once and for all the truth of Bautista’s and Smartmatic’s claim that the script change was only “cosmetic.”

Given this, Comelec can no longer logically refuse to allow a systems audit.

Fraud as a plague
Many believe that probing the AES should not stop at just this ñ business because the issue is nothing less than the integrity of the elections themselves.

De La Salle University professor Antonio Contreras, a leading voice in the electronic fraud controversy, says the fraud involved here is like a plague. He wrote on his Facebook page:

“The issue here is fraud. And it is one already mediated by technology. The signs of the plague are there. I urge Bongbong Marcos to exhaust all legal remedies if only to make sure that this will never happen again.”

He issued this warning to Robredo: “There is no glory in winning a highly questionable election. The ghosts of fraud will haunt you. And you will go down the annals of history as a product of that fraud.”

Tiglao’s convincing analysis
My colleague Bobi Tiglao exposes the election fraud from the other keyhole: the manual and wholesale manufacture of unreal elections results in certain provinces and regions to produce a Robredo victory.

He wrote a hard-hitting column yesterday (“Marcos was cheated, should file protest for country’s sake” Times, 30 May 2016), that challenged the legitimacy of Robredo’s victory, and urged Sen. Marcos to file a protest for the sake of the nation.

Bobi Tiglao marshaled considerable statistics and data to support his conclusion that there was massive electoral fraud perpetrated by the administration.

Amazingly, Marcos won in all the cities of the national capital region (NCR) and in all the regions of Luzon, except for Bicol, which is Robredo’s home turf.

Robredo won in provinces where cheating could be accomplished at will—in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanaao (ARMM) and Palawan.

The massive and systematic fraud happened because President Benigno BS Aquino insanely demanded of the Comelec that Marcos should be prevented from winning at all costs.

Protest as service to the nation
When Al Gore gracefully conceded to George W. Bush in the closely contested US election of Nov. 2000, one New York Times pundit (Thomas L. Friedman) wrote of his decision: “It was the equivalent of taking a bullet for the country.”

For Bongbong Marcos, statesmanship does not lie in concession, but in principled and sustained protest. Honor lies in exposing a rotten election to the light, rather than in protecting a shameless election system. To do nothing would be to condone the fraud that has been committed. A protest will be a singular service to the nation by uncovering the truth of the election.

Fraud has happened in past Philippine elections, and automation has only made it worse and more brazen.

If we do not move to correct and expose our election system when the cheating is so patent and the evidence of fraud is still smoking, we will never be able to fix the system. And we may never have this opportunity again.

A victorious election protest, honestly and legally won, will be a better legacy to the nation, than the foul bequest of a corrupted and stolen election that BS Aquino will leave behind him.


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  1. Kung ang Smartmatic ay nakatakbo despite COMELEC HDO before an investigation, at sila-sila pa ngayon sa COMELEC ang kanya-kanyang tutruan at sisihan, at sibat, then the suspicion level goes beyond “where there is smoke there is fire,” … “ITS ALREADY WHEN YOU ARE ON FIRE, THAT THERE CERTAINLY IS FIRE! ganyan na katindi ang lumilitaw.

  2. Why rig the lower races? If it were true, then anyone but Duterte would be the new President.

  3. No political candidate has ever lost an election in the Philippines. They only got cheated.

    That is the thinking of ‘sore losers’.

    They say they got cheated because they felt they got cheated but they do NOT have solid proof that cheating occurred. I

    t is all in their mind because they cannot accept reality. Get a life!

  4. The comments here are being made by the same 2 or 3 people with changes in ames and email addresses. Weird.

  5. Filipinotristar on

    Ang mga Pilipino di na talaga magbabago, pag natalo sa election, DINAYA!
    Wala na yata mas mabuti o “State of the Art” na system para mawala ang duda sa mga elections na gagawin sa bansa natin. Marahil ang pagbabago kailangan natin ay “WITHIN OURSELVES.”

    • Cherr villanueva on

      I agree, nkkhiya na maging Filipino pag ganyan ang marrinigbmo sa international news. Loyality to personalities is more important than patriotism. Dahil ba may perks courtsey of whoever that is?

  6. Bakit mag ielection pa eh mandaraya lang naman pala ang kalaban, burn them in hell! Truth shall always prevail…
    Let the truth shine and let the vote of of our people be made

  7. BBM’s loss is a Divine Providence. Therefore, Bongbong Marcos has a mission to pursue protest of this wide election rigging, making the sanctity of our votes tampered. We will support the financial requirements of this important endeavor for the nation. Indeed we need to know where to deposit our money? Sir Makabenta pls. coordinate with BBM. ASAP.

  8. Only a systems audit can prove that election results were not affected when a Smartmatic technician changed the program in the middle of canvassing of votes on election day, the 9th of May 2016. Apparently, that is something that is too difficult for some to understand. Even Senator Bam Aquino found it hard to comprehend. Or maybe he just refused to acknowledge Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s request for a systems audit. That was how he came across when he kept asking Marcos Jr if he had proof of his allegation of fraud.

    • It’s difficult to Bam Aquino to understand or he’s the appointed accessory of B.S. Aquino to implement the planned fraudulent votes to stop BBM being elected to a higher office as V.P.?

  9. The recent election has unfortunately exposed the deep-seated division in Philippine society. A lot of Filipinos turn a blind eye to breach in protocol perpetrated by Smartmatic and the COMELEC’s lack of action because of their dislike for Marcos Jr. They seem to think it is okay for him to lose even if he is cheated. Their hatred for the Marcoses makes them believe the end justifies the means. Anti-Marcos advocates also show their irrational behaviour when they lash out at concerned citizens who try to help maintain the sanctity of the ballot by accusing them of being “pro-Marcos”. They also bring up Martial Law atrocities even when the issue is about electoral fraud. It has become difficult to talk to some Filipinos who are still stuck in the Martial Law years. They are suffering from tunnel vision.

  10. As a government agency, the COMELEC is not covered by the Bill of Rights. Sen.Bongbong did not have to produce proof of cheating to request the COMELEC to grant his request. The COMELEC is obliged to respond and explain to complainants like him and also to the public when they suspect fraudulent activities. Indeed, the circumstances surrounding the period over which Marcos Jr’s numbers started to slow down outraged a lot of concerned citizens.

  11. I dont see anything wrong to both Marcos and Leni as VP… i just want patas na laban!. My opinion is that mali ang Comelec. .bakit hinayaan na magkaroon ng changes sa system maliit man o malaki ang impact.. maling mali yun. Sa process ng IT, dapat isinaalang-alang lagi ang integridad ng sistema.

    • You have a great point. It’s not about who won the vice presidency anymore. It’s what happened with the system. How could someone just change the programming while the election was still on? And why would Bam Aquino be close to the process? What was his role there?

  12. Country first on

    The people has spoken but the E. system think other wise. if you like to get people pulse it the feedback of vote coming from abroad. there nobody can easily implement cheating because they are very much afraid of international exposure on fraud. the vote give high approval for DU30 and BBM. other are so low to be considered like LEN ROB ito. Now we got 3 people who we wondered why they come out late untill ROB ito was proclaimed as V.P. but nevertheless better late than never. Those who instigate this massive cheating must be held accountable that must include the mastermind.

  13. I fully support BBM in his quest for the truth. I urge everyone to do as well. The issue is no longer about the BBM. Stealing the elections thru fraud is stealing the SACRED WILL of the people to choose their own leader!! KEEP THE FIRE OF INDIGNATION BURNING!!!

  14. We had a hocus picus president, and now another day of infamy a hocus picus Vice president …… look at the two, so smug and full of smiles …. and nothing else between their ears …..

  15. Sabi ni Leni, VP victory is destiny daw? would you believed that? it was done by Smartmagic & Bautista ( see the face of Bautista) can you trust that F’#’% guy?
    Leni you are playing Coy all along, you knew you will win. your win is questionable.

    You are now becoming a TOXIC politician. beware of this woman, a snake in the grass

  16. i am not political but i love my country.. i hate to see what is going on there…i hope an appeal to Smartmatic and COMELEC would be filed to clear the air of fraud…

  17. “The massive and systematic fraud happened because President Benigno BS Aquino insanely demanded of the Comelec that Marcos should be prevented from winning at all costs” – ONE CAN WRITE A BOOK ON THIS.

  18. Josefino Bajado Velasco on

    Stop all these conjectures. Start the recount and pry open the hidden secrets how the trick was done.

  19. iF ONLY TO FREE THE pILIPINO electorate forever of this Smartmatic, prove a lie to the bragging of Drilon that he got 18MM votes, and to remove the smirk from Robredo’s face, Bongbong should pursue the electoral protest!
    May he win the protest too !!!

    • masoc pride on

      i will give my 50.00 to start up the protest as Atty. Makalinta needs 100 million….

  20. Leodegardo Pruna on

    While initially I was taking the positive view that the conclusion of the canvassing was done on Jesse’s birthday was a message for Leni to remind her of his death and for Leni to dig into the circumstances of his death (note that P-Noy’s men ransacked the office of Robredo looking for something very important which may cause P-Noy’s early dismissal from office), now I am a bit more incline that Jessie wants Leni, for justice sake, to find out the reason for his death. And, Leni should be reminded that her ascension into office is marked with a shadow of evil with P-Noy behind the scene. What the Filipino people needs to know is the truth. Life on earth is temporary. And, whatever feeling of success there is but clouded with questions of fraud would be exacting it toll. May the soul of Jesse rest in peace. God bless and save the Philippines.

    • It is my personal belief that Brod Jesse Robredo’s death was not accidental but was made to appear accidental. His corpse was not extricated yet from the plane underwater when the forces of evil [a DOJ & DILG officials with some PNP] made searches at the DILG office,without
      a court issued search warrant. Reports also say that only the tenacious resistance by the private security of Brod Jesse stopped the raiding team from executing its evil mission in the private condo of Brod Jesse. Before his demise, he was treated as second in command inspite of his position then as Secretary of the DILG. He was not in command of the PNP when the HongKong hostage crisis unfolded before global television and yet he got the blame and not the DILG official who was de facto in command. Brod Jesse never got a permanent appointment as Secretary of the DILG. But when he got killed, Brod Jesse got a phenomenal accolade and attention from abnoy, who even travelled twice to Naga to show his respect, which Brod Jesse never got during his lifetime. What a show of hypocrisy, and more hypocritical was the widow’s choice as VP. The widow is/was so naive and so unknowing that she accepted her nomination as VP. Now that she is VP, is she still plagued with such naivete of abnoy’s Plan B?

    • No mater what PNoy does he cannot escape his final destination, the hand writing is on the wall, he has been measured and found lacking

    • Maria makiking on

      Lenny husband death just like the unresolved death of Benigno Aquino , smartmatic death what a magic world of tuwad na daan

  21. rey quijada on

    We in Sta. Josefa, Agusan del Sur have started to do our humble share in uncovering the fraud caused by the computers by filing a petition for a manual recount of the votes cast in the ballots for councilors at RTC Branch 6. Ours is a minor initiative and thanks to our brave witnesses but when proven true, it will open the pandora’s box that indeed elections can be determined by the computer and the manual recount is the simplest and most basic way of proving it. If nothing is being hidden, the manual recount must proceed unhampered and the reverse is true.

  22. Election cheating, damn simply means we’ve been cheated since the very first elections was held? Then we’ve been fooled ever since the Americans left!

  23. I always adore Mr. makabenta nd Sec. Tiglao on their write – ups. Walang takot ilabas ang katotohanan. Ang malawakang dayaan at kataksilan sa bayan ay dahil sa takot ng mga baklang c Abnoy Panot, Marimar Talunan at Hipopotamos Drilon na makulong sa mga kahayupang ginawa nila sa Pilipinas… Saludo po ako sa inyong 2. Mabuhay po kau..

  24. leni says the claim of fraud is unbelievable. well, she’d better support the call for systems audit.and the conduct of an impartial investigation on cheating claims to make her “believable”; otherwise, she will forever be a cheating beclouded vice president!!!

    • She has been all smile since winning the fraud-loaded election as if she’s telling herself “WOW! I could not believe I won!

  25. PNoy’s legacy(if applicable), would have been preserved had he not instructed the biggest fraud in Philippine election. Not only he damaged his families name but doomed the hope of the entire nation.
    The protest is no longer for BBM, this fight is for the integrity and hope of our nation.
    I cannot blame President Duterte of not attending his own proclamation. Attending the proclamation is like tolerating the FRAUD that had just happend by the current administration.

    • “I cannot blame President Duterte of not attending his own proclamation. Attending the proclamation is like tolerating the FRAUD that had just happend by the current administration”.

      You got it right man! Plus the fact his hands would have been raised by 2 LP men who will facilitate his impeachment later with the aid of the new fraud-fraught VP..

  26. frank ramos on

    Nobody in his right mind would now underestimate the ferocious tenacity of a humanitarian who believes in doing the right things for the hapless many. He is a man who will change for the better the lives of the voiceless disenfranchised. He will bless them with a quality of life with abundance of food, shelter, health, and sustainable livelihood. And most of all, he will restore their God given right to exist with dignity and the ability to tap into their conscience to fight for what is right, just, and fair in accordance with the laws of God and not of MEN. He will lead the voiceless and faceless people – defend and protect our nation from the scourge of these termites of corruption: political dynasties, merchants of death (drug dealers) and rapacious oligarch stifling the economic vitality of our nation.
    He is not a totalitarian, nor a dictator, nor a religious hypocrite. He may be an authoritarian but for a good reason as he is about to change the course of our nation. Sacrifices will be made and it will be made. There is no doubt about that as he is setting an example from years of good governance in his small but progressive city of Davao.
    His words may scare you and it should if you have done wrong against the nation and its people, especially to the downtrodden poor living in the dark fringes of despair and squalor of hopelessness.
    Mr. Makabenta, your article about the fraud in this election is not a surprise to many as the electoral results categorically show beyond the realm of logic, statistical probabilities and common sense that all three surrogates of Noynoy garnered highly unusual number of votes. He proclaimed before the election to all people especially to Comelec that Marcos will be stopped by all means to win the VP posts. And so it happened, is this really a coincidence?
    As your IT consultant friend from abroad indicated to you that there is a breach of access permission by the vendor in a live environment to change a script (two significant violations) and now you are writing up that the violation is now both manual and automation. In Vitangcol III column of your Manila Times paper on May 20, …”redesining AES” I commented that the whole AES eco-system should be audited. I believed I also that wrote in response to one of Mr. Tatad’s column before the election of the same content. I am glad that you are writing it up again. My comments are based on my experience as well and I concur with your friend from abroad.
    Mr. Bongbong Marcos
    I wrote in my column that Mr. Marcos pursuing to have his IT people audit the system and focus on the breach of access permission i(nstead of the whole AES ecosystem) by a vendor in a production environment is well founded as he is an aggrieved party. But I think the aggrieved party is the voters, the non-voters as well as the Filipinos who are not born yet.
    This situation is no longer Mr. Marcos vs Comelec. It is the People of the Philippines vs. the Comelec, et al. When there is a lot of smoke all around the country, one knows there is fire. Mr. Makabenta, I prefaced to you about what I think about President Digong core beliefs as evident in his persona. I strongly believe that he is the man who can make this case: The People of the Philippines vs. the Comelec, et al.
    Please keeeep the smoke blowing in the face and in the hearts of our people until they feel suffocated…then hopefully that will light the will power to collectively fight for our dignity so we can breathe free from betrayal, tyranny and oppression now and in the future.

    • Bakit gusto pa ninyo pabalikin ang marcos? for you own benefits and not for ordianry filipinos? Walang DAYAAN nangyari,,di po DINAYA..TINALO po talaga….Saka alam ng ga watchers ni bobong marcos yun, dahil kada presinto ay may tao siya…Habng may anay na marcos ay masisira ang walang katapusang daldalan at putakan..

  27. State of Davao on

    Yeah let BBM spend millions for the end the lawyers are happy while the journalist and the paper are given $$$.. go forth need BBM for $$$$..

    • Yea you’re right. Just like Macalintal who is being paid to assist and protect the fraud VP with a very handsome payment probably taken from DAP money! In just a matter of time the truth will prevail.

  28. If only to cleanse future elections of fraud, Bongbong should file his protest. The voters should be entitled to have their votes counted and those who would deny them that would be guilty of a serious violation of their human rights. In Robredo’s case, sitting as vice-president when there is doubt to her legitimacy is like sitting on an electric chair. She does not know when the switch would be turned on.

  29. Unless Senator BBM, his lawyers, and his “banda” can present concrete evidence in support of their claims of fraud and cheating, all that they are really doing with their never-ending repetition of his mantra “I lost because I got cheated” is flogging a dead horse. It is what is called “labor in vain, unproductive gain”. In one of its news reports in its May 29, 2016 edition, “Marcos to File Protest”, The Daily Tribune reported: “BBM has insisted he was deprived of nearly 4 million votes through cheating and malfunctioning vote-counting machines, and was gathering evidence for a potential “election protest”. The operative phrase here is “gathering evidence”. This means that right now BBM and his lawyers have nothing to offer to PET or the Supreme Court that could form the basis of a protest or petition. In fact, during the early count by the PPCRV when the issue of the agreed script change by both the Comelec and Smartmatic IT technical representatives first became known, and accusations of electoral sabotage were flying left and right, Atty. Sixto Brilliantes (one of BBM’s lawyers, and a former chairman of Comelec) ridiculed the accusations in a video shown by Rappler on May 18, 2016, and actually said: “Ano ba naman. Ang dami namang bobo rito sa Pilipinas.” He also said: “There can be no cheating using only unofficial results”.

    As for the issue of the undervotes (the 3 or 4 million votes BBM supposedly would have won without the cheating), their existence does not mean fraud or cheating has occurred. This has already been ruled or decided previously by the Supreme Court, and it is a certainty that they will not rule otherwise for BBM should he decide to file a protest. At this point in time, BBM and his team have no positive proof in their possession to show that the undervotes should be allocated to BBM and not to Cong. Leni Robredo or the other vice-presidential candidates. It would need some form of “divine intervention” to assign these undervotes solely to BBM. This is just not going to happen.

    By the way, who are these nameless “foreign experts” who, according to you “urge us to conduct a simple test which will show us what really happened electronically, even before the systems audit of the automated Election System (AES) is conducted”. What are their qualifications? And how do you know that they are “experts”?

    As for Professor Contreras of DLSU who asserts that fraud has occurred, why would you give credence to someone whose specialization is political science? He is no computer or IT expert, and in a court of law, especially in the Supreme Court, he would be disqualified or not allowed to serve as an expert in the field. Methinks this professor – who had been involved in the Grace Poe affair before the Supreme Court – is just seeking another 15 minutes of fame.

    I understand your ongoing support, approval and endorsement of BBM since, after all, you are from Leyte – the fiefdom of Imelda Romualdez and her clan. You most likely share BBM’s first stage of grief: denial. His well-laid plans for the Marcoses to return to Malacanang Palace via the VP contest have been thwarted and foiled. It may take some time for him and his supporters to move to the second stage of grief which is “acceptance”. But there is no choice. The stark reality is that BBM has lost the VP race, and Cong. Leni Robredo is now the Vice-president of the Philippines.

    BBM should file a protest so he and his supporters would quieten down and spare the public from further allegations of cheating. To paraphrase the late Albert Einstein: “Saying the same thing over and over again (“I lost because of cheating”) is a form of insanity”. A formal petition or protest before PET, will hopefully decide once and for all whether cheating had taken place. Bring on the protest!.

    • I should say you are still very ignorant in cyber crime resolutions. You are like the Yellow Trolls asking to produce evidence like a lawyer who has no knowledge of the advent of new technology specially Computers. For your info, the cyber crime can easily solved because it leaves permanent marks or traces on the machine itself. This is how the NBI and other International Police Agencies solve the cyber related crime. This is the very reason why the audit of the COMELEC COMPUTERS used in the election is being asked. This is likewise the very same reason why the COMELEC is hesitant to allow this systems audit of their COMPUTERS because the evidence of fraud you are asking is imbedded in those COMPUTERS.

    • Why was there no COMELEC representative present when the change was made? Why was it that the smartmatic man is possession COMELEC MATCHING PASSWORD? Who knows what other modifications he has done? I AS A VOTER, AM ASKING for clarification and this clarification can only be done by a systems audit by independent body. My vote as well as that of others is SACRED. ELECTIONS IS A SACRED DUTY OF THE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE THEIR OWN LEADER. THE RESULTS MUST NOT BE TAMPERED OR STOLEN.

    • Rey Dela cerna on

      The people of this day did not know whos Marcos family are,thats why they only guessing of what happen of the past election ,but for the people who are know of Marcos regime will only laugh and say it was Marcos style since of his era!!!!

    • Erlee’s Reply to Dakila:
      You say that I am “still very ignorant in cyber crime resolutions”. Lol. Hahaha. I actually have done systems audit, so I don’t need any “education” from you. In fact, it is your own knowledge that is obviously lacking. “Magaral pa more, huh”?. It is not good to go through life with a little knowledge. It is dangerous. Haven’t you heard of the saying: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”?

      As for your request to join your cause of asking for a systems audit, my answer is: “Lol. Hahaha…. Don’t be silly. Unless you offer proof or evidence of cheating and fraud, you and your chorus are just wasting Comelec’s time, money and resources”. Your “manok” BBM lost. Deal with it!

    • Erlee’s Answer to Carlito:

      For your information, Smartmatic IT technical representative made the cosmetic change with the concurrence or agreement of the Comelec IT technical representative. There was one whole password that had been split into to two. One cannot log in or make any change to the hash code with out the complete password. Only one half of the password was in the possession of the Smartmatic rep, the other half was in the possession of the Comelec rep. The two halves had to be brought together before the symbol “?” was revised to “enye”.

      By the way, you should be reminded that the PPCRV count during which the script change supposedly took place was unofficial. As Atty. Sixto Brilliantes said: How can there be cheating or election sabotage when the counts are unofficial”?

  30. Everything is blamed on Aquino. If there was cheating, Mar Roxas should have won as well as most of the LP senatorial candidates. Unfortunately, the charge of cheating is purely allegation. Up to now, there has been no concrete evidence presented, including the hooded “whistleblowers” at the proclamation of the elected President and VP.
    Get it over with and move on. Time to change the subject. PNoy is almost history and boring to read.

  31. Bam Aquino, Bautista, Drilon ,Robredo, and those elected 12 Senators along with those LP members who blocked the voting centers in Mindanao and scared the voters to cast their vote must pay and should be in jail, for this vote-rigging to stop. President Duterte must lead to correct this cancer of cheating. If those politicians cannot give a good example of honesty to all, we should not take any kind of advocacy from Robredo or any of them.

  32. I’d like to see this BS guy and his cousin thrown in jail and rot there. The country will see the most shameful crime ever committed unfold.

  33. Maribel A. Calanda on

    BBM should not concede. He should file a protest. Leni Robredo is the beneficiary of fraud and she is a hypocrite. She wants to make it appear that BBM is spreading lies and is conditioning the minds of the people. She is even good in drama by saying she herself wants to know how and when such cheating happened. If that is not the height of hypocrisy, what then it is? As BBM said, the election is for the people. The discouraging factor is that he would spend at least 50 million pesos just to ferret out the truth. I wish he could as the 14M who voted for him on the record to contribute 10 pesos each so that our truly elected VP will be the one to sit in the Office of the Vice President.

  34. Is nobody thinking of filing a class action suit against Smartmatic and certain COMELEC officials and the PPCRV for civil damages in billions of pesos for causing anxiety and stress to Filipiino citizens due to their illegal tampering with the automated election process?

    I would like to put my name into that class action suit as a claimant for civil , moral, and exemplary damages.

    • i do believed that there was a plan to be follow and abnoy is the Mastermind of all this mess why? it was Abnoy who said that he will do his best by all means that he will never allowed BBM to win, and everything was well planned they use Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic to malign the people giving instruction to Marlon Garcia what to do with an option that if Roxas votes can’t make it coz of a wide margin votes from Pres Duterte they will proceed to Plan B for Robredo which they succeeded in doing so, now why Marimar was very silent and Trillanes Left the Country and also Kristd? it so suspicious all of these were all scripted and ABNOY was the director, so Plan C be will be the next THE IMPEACHMENT OR THE ASSASINATION TO PRESIDENT DUTERTE once he assumed the position as Abnoy and his cahoots won’t go to to JAIL. and the Devil’s loose again… and regain his POWER to the COUNTRY …

  35. IT WAS EASY to see that cheating was in the works during the last Election Day. For a lesser-known name like Villanueva and the most unlikable senator to make it to No.1 made it obvious. And Gatchalian who?

  36. Until Sen. Bongbong Marcos has not been proclaimed as duly recognize winner for vice president, Leny Robredo will remain (OIC) Officer in Charge as vice president it means that Robredo is a fake president. The Liberal party planned to cheat marcos in all means by hook or by crook, ( The Liberal party higher ups should whisper Robredo ” we cheated Marcos) Robredo thinks she wins but everybody knows she cant beat Marcos in clean and honest election.They cantcheat Rody Duterte because of his 5 million lead votes versus Roxas. They are hoping Duterte will be removed by people power, coup de tat or if he dies by accident Robredo will take over. It will never happen because God will not allow a cheater to lead this 110 million Filipinos.

    • Which god are you talking about Rey Dela cerna ? The people that believe in fantasy gods number in the billions and they believe in hundreds of different gods.
      Which fantasy god do you believe in, Allah ? YHWH ? Jehovah ?
      Elohim ? Bhagavan ? Vishnu ? Shiva ? Nirankar ? etc etc