• Two worlds collide in ‘The Nether’


    Comes now the latest offering of Red Turnip, the plucky theater group known for the past four years for its provocative plays acclaimed in Broadway and West End —The Nether by Jennifer Haley.

    There are two worlds in this play, the real and the virtual. The latter is the Nether, an extreme version of the Internet. Here people play out their fantasies, and assume new identities.

    TJ Trinidad’s second outing in theater shows his successful crossover from TV to stage

    It is important to keep this in mind, for the play is challenging. If you don’t know much about the story you might be asking what the hell is going on. The actors must deliver the line clearly, and the audience must listen intently.

    The Nether (directed by Ana Abad Santos) is described as a science-fiction crime drama set in the near future. There are only five characters in the play, and they choose/change their identities as the scenes shift from the real to the virtual.

    Bernardo Bernardo is both Sims and Papa, but Jenny Jamora is Morris the detective in the real world but becomes Woodnut in the Nether, played by— gasp—the dashing hunk TJ Trinidad.

    Bodgie Pascua is Doyle in the real world but morphs into—gasp again —the precocious, attractive child Iris in the virtual world (Alba Berenguer-Testa, a scene stealer, with Junyka Santarin as alternate).


    And so the Internet has evolved into the Nether, an escape world where users log in, choose an identity and indulge in their dark desires. Alas, some of these desires may be child pornography, seduction, and sex with a minor.

    A crime has been committed and Morris (Jenny Jamora) investigates, uncovering a can of worms and tangled human relationships.

    The Nether challenges the mind but ultimately rewarding. It is ongoing at the Power Mac Theater at Circuit Makati, the former Santa Ana Racetrack, during weekends until April 9.

    For tickets, visit www.ticketworld.com.ph or www.redturnip.com.ph. Discounts are available.

    Bernardo Bernardo and new stage child-wonder Alba Berenguer-Testa


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