• Tybura sees fast fight vs Lewis in Manila


    Polish fighter Marcin Tybura predicted that his fight against Derrick Lewis in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fight Night Manila on October 15 would be a quick one.

    “I think it will be a quick fight. It won’t go to the decision with both our styles. We both like finishing our fights so I think after the first round, there will be a knockout or submission,” said Tybura in an interview released on Friday.

    Tybura admitted that he is most concerned about Lewis’ striking skills.

    “His biggest weapon is his striking. He knows how to knock out people, he’s aggressive in the fight, he pushes forward, and a lot of fighters have trouble with how he throws so many punches. They’re not very technical but they’re very heavy, he hits fast and it’s hard to defend.”

    Tybura, who has a background in jiu-jitsu, said that he’s preparing not to let Lewis reach his chin since it is his biggest problem.

    “Since my last fight, I got a new striking coach in my team and it’s been going pretty well. I’ve been learning how to defend and how to outstrike him,” he added.

    He sees facing Lewis as a chance to go up to a higher level.

    “I like hard work, and preparing for this fight is giving me this opportunity to work really hard because he’s a smart guy, he’s very aggressive and he punches well. Facing a guy like him, who finishes his opponents, it is a great opportunity for me to show it won’t be easy for him this time,” Tybura said.

    On his dream of becoming a UFC champion, Tybura said that it could happen sooner than he expected it to be.

    “I don’t have a particular date, but I’m taking this step-by-step and so far it’s been going pretty well. I have an opportunity to get to the Top 10.”

    Before entering UFC, Tybura competed in M-1 Global in Russia and became the champion of the heavyweight division. He earned his brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and won the silver medal in the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu tournament.



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