The tyranny of one in PHILTOA


WIKIPEDIA says “a tyrant (Greek τύραννος, tyrannos), in its modern English usage, is an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution, or one who has usurped legitimate sovereignty. A tyrant usually controls almost everything, and is considered a ruler of horrible and oppressive character. The original Greek term, however, merely meant an authoritarian sovereign without reference to character, bearing no pejorative connotation during the Archaic and early Classical periods. However, it was clearly a negative word to Plato, and on account of the decisive influence of philosophy on politics, its negative connotations only increased, continuing into the Hellenistic period.

Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others.” This definitely fits to a tee the description of the current President of the Philippine Tour Operators’ Association or PHILTOA in the person of Cesar C. Cruz.

Article VI, Section 4.3 of the PHILTOA By-laws states that “The President shall exercise general supervision over the organization’s activities and make an actual report to the members during the annual general membership meeting. It further states that the President shall sign all contracts approved by the Board of Trustees, correspondence and other documents on behalf of the Association.”

At this instance, Mr. Cesar Cruz entered into contracts without approval of the Board of Trustees:

Contract with new contractor in the person of Donato Hernandez Construction without Board approval to finish PHILTOA office;

Contract with website developer in the amount of P55,000.00 pesos which did not go through bidding. Fifty percent down payment already paid before the Board was notified.

No approval of purchase of new desktop
Committing the Association to donating a satellite phone unit for the tourism office of the Calauit Island Management with an initial load of P15,000.00 during the CalamianesFamtrip. (Approved Minutes of the 6th Board Meeting on June 9, 2014)

Article VI, Section 4.5 states “Appoint with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees, such other officers and employees as may be deemed proper from time to time.”

Again, Mr. Cruz appointed an additional secretariat staff on April 16, 2014. (Approved minutes of 4th Board Meeting April 14, 2014) without first seeking approval from the Board. He also closed the Philtoa office so he could use the Philtoa staff for his personal interest – the wedding of his daughter.

In all instances, there are no Board Resolutions ratifying the actions of the President to show approval or concurrence of the Board of Trustees. Let it be known that as President of the Association, Mr. Cruz can only implement what the Board of Trustees, as a whole, has approved for implementation. The case is different if Mr. Cruz was President of his own company. In which case, his word is final. In this case, there is a Board of Trustees that is the governing body of the Association “charged with the responsibility of accomplishing the purposes and objectives of the Association. It shall manage and control all activities and properties of the Association.” The Board assigns the duties of the President. Also, in all Minutes of the Meeting of the Philtoa board, there is no mention of Mr. Cruz seeking Board approval about its planned activities but more of just informing the Board. Clearly, all these actions of Mr. Cruz constitute GRAVE ABUSE OF AUTHORITY for actions without approval of the Board.

During the 8th PHILTOA Board Meeting, Mr. Cruz engaged in a shouting match with a co-Trustee and member of the Board, a conduct unbecoming of an Officer of the Association. More so that the person he was shouting at is a co- Trustee and not his employee or staff. But even if he were, Cruz has no right to talk down on people unless he thinks of himself as God. This repeated obnoxious behaviour of Mr. Cruz is conduct not befitting one who purports to be and projects himself as a leader. He is not worthy. He is a tyrant. And no one has the monopoly of good intentions.

God is Great!


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  1. Aurora R. Yabut on

    Right, Dustin. You give them a little authority and they think of themselves as God. Some security guards are like that, even barangay kagawads, maski sinong bigyan mo ng katiting na authority. Tama ka, it’s perhaps a Filipino thing because when I used to work with expats, they refused to be called sir or boss, just Mr. or Ms. so-and-so or by their first name.

  2. Surely you know when a filipino is given ( in any way ) a high office, he thinks himself superior to everyone beneath him. Its the filipino way. & usually the people beneath him also know where they stand. The filipino takes it as his right to be in charge & above them when he gets a certain position. Its how it has always been. It was showed so clearly when the philip morris executive was stopped & told off for his bad driving by a traffic enforcer. He got out of his car & berrated that enforcer & slapped him as who does he think he is, he is just a lowly traffic enforcer whilst he is a top executive of phillip morris.
    When my wife joined me in the uk & first applied for a job she couldnt believe how she was on the same level as the job interviewer. Her in the philippines when applying for a job you have to show the interviewer that person is above you. If you dont you wont get that job. Filipinos need to somehow remove that trait from your society.