• U.S. President Obama calls gun control “biggest frustration”


    WASHINGTON: U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday called for greater national effort against gun violence just hours after a latest school shooting happening in the U.S. State of Oregon on Tuesday (Wednesday in Manila) left two dead, including one innocent student.

    Obama warned that mass shootings were “off the charts” in a way no other advanced country would tolerate, urging people of the country to do “soul searching” over gun violence.

    “We are the only developed country on earth where this happens, and it happens now once a week,” Obama said at the White House Tuesday. “There is no place else like this!” He also said America should be ashamed it could not enact even the mildest gun reforms.

    Obama said the “biggest frustration” of his presidency so far was that the government had not even taken “basic steps” to keep guns out of the hands of people that can do “unbelievable damage.” While saying until there’s a fundamental shift in public opinion, Obama said the problem will not change and that’s terrifying to a parent.

    A student was killed by a lone shooter at a high school near Portland, Oregon, Tuesday morning, local police said.

    The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the suspected shooter was also dead, but it was not clear how the shooter died. PNA


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