• Uber to launch Uber Eats delivery service


    Transport network vehicle service Uber is set to launch Uber Eats, a food delivery variation of its popular ride sharing app in the Philippines.

    Uber app. AFP PHOTO

    In the careers section of the Uber website, an ad has been placed for a Manila-based general manager for the upcoming food delivery service. A sub-domain (www.ubereats.com/manila) was also opened last month.

    Uber Eats allows users to order food directly from the app. The food is then delivered using an Uber vehicle and customers can track the vehicle as it arrives. All over the world, 150 cities are already using Uber Eats.

    Only cashless transactions will be initially allowed by Uber Eats but given the preference of Filipinos to pay in cash, other payment options may be considered in the future.

    Another Uber-branded variant that was launched in Singapore late last year is Uber Pet. Given that some modes of transport do not allow animals on board, the service aims addresses the concern of pet lovers to bring their beloved dogs or cats with them when they travel or even during routine and emergency visits to the veterinarian.

    “With Uber PET, riders can be assured that their driver is comfortable to have pets on the ride… All Uber PET trips are priced the same as Uber X, with an additional $2 booking fee,” Uber Singapore explained in the Uber website.

    Considering that the Philippines also has a good number of pet owners, there could also be a strong demand for a service like Uber Pet here. In addition to providing safe trips for commuters and their respective pets, the service has the potential to be a strong business model that could further enhance and strengthen the Uber brand.


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