UE Buklod Sining pays tribute to Filipinas


Buklod Sining, University of the East’s (UE) prime organization for artists who aim to promote social consciousness through the creative arts, celebrates its 25th anniversary with PinaEba: Filipina sa Lahat ng Panahon.

Homage to the Filipina spirit, the exhibit opened on December 5 at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts’ (NCCA) Gallery. It highlights the importance of Filipinas in the shaping and reshaping of the country’s history, politics and culture.

Participating students, alumni and guest artists gave life to female icons from different fields and timelines as each is given their share of the canvass.

PinaEba, derived from a play on the terms Pinay, the colloquial for Filipina, and iba which denotes the Filipina uniqueness, captures the different faces of Filipino women, their role and status in the Filipino and global community, their continuous fight against oppression and exploitation and their empowerment as a sector.

Cory Aquino, Miriam Santiago, Imelda Marcos of the political field; Lea Salonga, Nora Aunor, Lisa Macuja, and Kalinga tattoo artist Whang Od for cultural field; Megan Young and Angel Locsin for the entertainment field are a few of the many world-class Filipina featured in the exhibit. The colorful and lively art symbolizes the Filipina’s life-giving power and the strength that belies the Pinay struggle.

UE president Ester Garcia expressed her delight on the theme of PinaEba. She pointed out the importance of the Filipina in the many facets of nation building, noting that the women make up half of the country’s population.

According to Buklod Sining’s president, Aviegail Landicho, the exhibit was conceived two years ago and was initially intended to feature paintings with “mother and child” theme. However, the group decided to go with a more general theme to cater to all Filipino women and not just the mothers.

Egai Talusan Fernandez, the exhibit’s curator and a renowned social realist artist, pointed out the necessity of catering to the up-and-coming young artists from colleges and universities. Such exhibits, Fernandez commented, serve as the transition point for aspiring artists before they venture into the professional field of art critiquing and appreciation.

To be able to create an avenue for the budding artists of the country is one of the commitments of the NCCA being the prime government agency in promoting art and culture.

PinaEba runs until December 31.


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