UK aid contribution exceeds P5 billion-mark


British contributions to the international aid efforts following Typhoon Haiyan will exceed £80 million (approximately P5.6 billion) after Prime Minister David Cameron pledged an additional £30 million in government support.

The move comes as a another Royal Air Force C17 landed at Cebu-Mactan International Airport carrying heavy duty materials and medical supplies.

British Ambassador Asif Ahmad was on the ground in Cebu to greet the aid flight and oversee the unloading of supplies.

He said: “The UK has been at the forefront of international humanitarian efforts since this relief effort began. This announcement by the Prime Minister, together with the overwhelming support from the British public, demonstrates our commitment to helping the Philippine people rebuild their homes, their lives and their country.”

The British government has made contributions worth over £50 million and these have been supplemented by generous donations from the public amounting to £30 million.

In addition to the aid flights, the British government has dispatched naval vessels and a C130 transport aircraft to the worst affected areas. The first vessel, HMS Daring, arrived in Cebu Sunday morning. This will be followed by the C130 aircraft this week and an aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious, due to arrive by November 25.


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  1. Just hope these donations are not given to any Philippine gov’t. officials because there have been reports of a certain high-ranking Filipino official having relief goods “re-packed” and his photo and name being placed on the goods w/c did not come from him. Also, the DWSD is alleged to have been doing something similar, holding up the distribution of donated goods so that they are “re-packed” with some local canned goods replacing foreign goods and the dep’t.’s initials placed on the packs.

    A UN official had advised US troops not to turn over any US relief goods to any Filipino gov’t. official. This is very embarrassing for the country that certain people in gov’t. would use this disaster for self-promotion. But I applaud the UN rep. for being aware of this problem of dishonesty among certain Filipino gov’t. officials, and the US troops for following the advice of the UN.