UK envoy Lillie pushes extradition treaty with PH


British Ambassador to Manila Stephen Lillie is hopeful that the Senate can soon ratify the extradition treaty between the Philippines, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

During a farewell reception in his residence in Makati City, the envoy highlighted the importance of the treaty for democratic countries like the Philippines and Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

“I hope they can have a quorum [today], so the treaty can pass the third reading,” Lillie said.

The Senate has ratified the treaty on mutual legal assistance.

Lillie admitted there are some British nationals hiding in the Philippines who his government wants to extradite.

“In the modern world, the threat of transnational crimes become greater. It is easy to commit crimes across borders because of the ease of travel. It is important for countries to have mutual legal assistance and extradition,” the envoy said.

He added that there are a lot of child abuse cases in Manila. Although he didn’t mention British nationals who are being tried for various acts of abuses, reports said a number of British nationals have been caught for charges of pedophilia in various parts of the country.

Britain has listed over 5,000 to 6,000 known pedophile tourists, according to reports. India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and some Arab countries are the most favored destinations of sex tourists.

“If a British person commits some kind of an offense to Filipinos here, we can get them back to UK to prosecute. Of course, they will be prosecuted here too,” Lillie said.

The Philippines has an extradition treaty with 10 states—Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Micronesia, Switzerland, Thailand and the United States.


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