UK pledges 100 non-combat troops for UN South Sudan mission


LONDON: Britain will provide 100 more troops to the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan to help set up a field hospital, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced on Thursday (Friday in Manila). “We’ve announced an additional 100 troops in addition to the 300 previously pledged to South Sudan to establish a hospital,” Fallon said following a London UN peacekeeping conference. “This large-scale deployment underlines how we are stepping up our global commitments,” he added. “Backed by a rising defense budget, it’s part of our effort to tackle the instability that leads to mass migration and terrorism.” The first deployment of British personnel arrived in South Sudan in June, with the majority of troops expected to arrive in 2017. The UN Security Council last month urged South Sudan’s neighbours to help end renewed fighting in the capital Juba, asking for additional peacekeepers.


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