Ukraine’s Security Service: 83 Russian journalists banned from entry to Ukraine


KIEV: As many as 83 Russian journalists have been denied entry to Ukraine since the beginning of the force operation in Ukraine’s southeastern regions, adviser to the chief of Ukraine’s Security Service Markiyan Lubkovsky said on Thursday on his Facebook account.

Apart from that, Ukraine’s blacklist of Russian media includes the Zvezda and VGTRK television channels, LifeNews and others. Ukraine’s Security Council “exposes and prevents” distribution in Ukraine of such publications as Novorossia, Khochu v SSSR (I Want to Get Back to the USSR), etc., Lubkovsky noted.

He also said he wished Ukrainians were more active in reporting to Ukrainian law enforcement bodies about illegal actions of Russian journalists.

“All Russian television channels should be banned in Ukraine,” he concluded.PNA


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  1. And you know who were banning journalists before..?
    Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and their contemporary successor – Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Cowards fear truth and news.