Ultimate ‘doers’ – Phil and Bianca


Phil Younghusband and Bianca Gonzalez are always ready to do more

To put across the brand’s philosophy, iconic deodorant Rexona held an event highlighting its “Do:More” campaign. It’s a challenge posed to everyone to be open to possibilities, keep busy, seek adventure, go the extra mile and push limits.

On June 27 at the Enderun Tent, Rexona recognized two individuals—or “Doers”—who embody this lifestyle and serve as perfect examples of what it means to do more: Bianca Gonzalez and Phil Younghusband.

According to Unilever Philippines, which is behind the brand, Bianca is the ultimate doer—a TV and media personality who uses her celebrity position to empower the youth and promote education. A social advocate and proactive citizen, she was named one of 2012’s Young Global Shapers by the World Economic Forum.

Today, she continues to inspire the youth to become active citizens, using social media and internet tools at their disposal. On top of all this, she is to headline the Unilever Personal Care Teen Week, appealing to the youth about the importance of inner confidence and the ability to do more.

Phil on the other hand graces billboards every few hundred meters along the highway for good reason. Having previously played with the prestigious Chelsea FC, the British-Filipino plays for the Philippine Azkals and the Loyola Meralco Sparks Football Club.

Though already one of the top players in the country, he took things a step further by co-founding and coaching for the Younghusband Football Academy. With a level 2 UEFA coaching badge under his belt, Phil hopes to promote and develop young Filipinos’ skill and passion for the sport, ultimately spreading a deeper appreciation for football in the country.

By pushing such celebrities to the fore, and in support of sports activities, Rexona invites all individuals to kick-start an active lifestyle by joining the annual Rexona Run on October 20.


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