The ultimate Ping G400 irons


It is quite unusual to fall in love with a set of irons in an instant. But I did! The Ping G400 irons are absolutely the best I have tried so far. I hope that I am not speaking too soon.

Ping has developed new materials and finishes on their G400 irons. They look really neat and cool. Also, the ball flight have gone farther and higher, nearly comparable to tour-level statistics. It gives you that extra spin on the ball with more forgiveness and control.

The club head is made with a new COR-Eye technology. It was also designed with a new top rail undercut to increase face flexing to allow a catapult-like effect. It enables faster ball speeds that launch shots higher and farther, with lower spin and longer ball flight.

A unique heat-treating process was thoroughly thought about to produce a Hyper 17-4 stainless steel, 40 percent stronger than traditional 17-4 stainless steel. Thus, the clubface was made thinner and enabled 18 percent more face flexing.

There are five distinctive characteristics we need to know about G400 irons.

The club head design
The top edge has a sharper radius with a more round shape on the low toe area. The design is similar to a tour inspired looking club head.

Marty Jertson of Ping says: “The head shape on the short irons are a little more tour style, cleaner and a little sharper, and we’ve also reshaped the top-rail thickness and toe lines a little bit. Even though it’s a pretty big iron and a game enjoyment iron, the short irons look and perform with a lot of precision. In the long irons, we’ve made the flange very smooth so you don’t see anything jutting out in the playing position.”

The COR-Eye face technology
The COR-Eye technology is all about making the center of the clubface stiff. It allowed the clubface to perform like a hinge, that increased face deflection and bounce back effect.

Undercut to edge
Mass has been removed from inside the top edge. It was relocated to the lower part of the club head. In effect, the thinner top edge made more flexing at impact and added forgiveness. It definitely made the ball fly farther and higher.

One of the Ping tour staffer expressed: “You’ve turned my 7-iron into 6-iron distance, but I’m hitting it through an 8-iron window.”

Three-piece elastomer badge
Ping used a three-piece elastomer badge to dampen vibrations. It made the sound at impact more pleasing and gives a great improvement on feedback to your hands.

Hydropearl finish
The hydropearl finish gives the G400 a premium and real quality look. In addition, this type of finish lessens friction upon impact that prevents energy loss.

Marty Jertson, Director of Product Development at Ping, implied:” We challenged ourselves to learn more about finishes and about what they can do for performance in a golf club. This finish repels water away from the golf ball so you get better friction and don’t have those big fliers. It also has less friction between the sole of the club and the turf, 40% less friction, so it helps the club go through the turf better.”

So there you are. I believe that Ping just made a premium game improvement iron set for you. Ping claims, “All golfers will see double-digit distance gains. By hitting higher shots with less club into a green you’ll be more accurate and score better”.

Ping brand is exclusively distributed by Golf Depot Philippines. You may contact them for more information and club-fitting requirements for all Ping models.

The Ping G400 iron from various angles PHOTOS BY BUDDY DE JO


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