UN chief slams Duterte ‘endorsement’ of Philippine killings


UNITED NATIONS, United States: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has strongly condemned incoming Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s apparent support of extrajudicial killings, voicing particular concern over his comments seen as justifying murdering journalists.

“I unequivocally condemn his apparent endorsement of extrajudicial killings, which is illegal and a breach of fundamental rights and freedoms,” Ban said in a statement posted on the UN website.

“Such comments are of particular concern in light of on-going impunity for serious cases of violence against journalists in the Philippines,” the statement quoted Ban as telling UN correspondents at a New York reception on Wednesday.

Duterte won last month’s elections by a landslide largely due to an explosive law-and-order platform in which he pledged to end crime within six months by killing tens of thousands of suspected criminals.

He has since offered large bounties to security forces as well as the general public to kill drug traffickers.

“If they are there in your neighborhood, feel free to call us, the police or do it yourself if you have (a) gun. You have my support,” he told a weekend rally in his southern hometown of Davao city.

Duterte also told reporters last week that journalists who took bribes or engaged in other corrupt activities deserved to die.

“Just because you’re a journalist you are not exempted from assassination, if you’re a son of a bitch,” he added.

Duterte raised the case of Jun Pala, a journalist and politician whose 2003 murder, like scores of other cases, has never been solved.

“I do not want to diminish his memory but he was a rotten son of a bitch. He deserved it,” Duterte added.

Duterte’s spokesman Salvador Panelo told Agence France-Presse earlier this week the president-elect never said killing reporters was justified.

“What he said is there were instances where journalists were killed because of corruption…. He recognizes the fact that there are many instances where journalists are killed because of their advocacies,” Panelo added.

Duterte on Saturday also lambasted a local journalist, accusing him of “impertinence” when he questioned him about his health, asking to see his medical certificate.

“The son of a bitch…. What if I asked him, ‘How’s the vagina of your wife? Is it smelly or not smelly?’,” said Duterte.

The journalist, who was named by Duterte, later said the question had been asked by another reporter.

Also last week Duterte launched a profanity-laced tirade against the UN. “Fuck you, UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage… couldn’t even lift a finger in Africa… shut up, all of you.”

He made the comments as he expressed irritation at criticism voiced by foreign and local media groups over his remarks about killing journalists.

Ban’s comments were the most critical from any world leader about Duterte since he won the election. He is due to be sworn into office on June 30. AFP



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  1. Rod Duterte is the Donald Trump of the Philippines. He speaks what he sees. He’s not a pretender of what he’s not. He’s brash and easily irritated on things that should not be happening. Every person has his own signature. Duterte could not have been elected president had he not charmed the Filipino voters. Of course, Duterte knows what’s better for the Philippines than what the U.N. Secretary knows because it is his own backyard,as is,President Sisi of Egypt. Foreigners should not interfere with the Philippines on how it is run because who is going to suffer if its government falls, but, the Filipino people themselves? Give the new president his chance to eradicate the untouchable narcotics traders and drug lords.

  2. nothing on drone attacks by the western powers in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. Isnt that violation of the sovereignty of these nations? Comments or words dont kill, drones and cruise missiles do.

  3. tony de leon on

    Digong should be careful from now on regarding his fowl mouth. with his uncontrolled mouth he is creating more enemies other than the criminals and if you have too many enemies or being disliked your job will become more difficult. I hope digong will mellow down. Because if he make offensive comments to let say the US then they can do many things that will make us suffer. In addition if he creates more enemies his cabinet and inner circle will also be drag into it and put their lives more in danger. and some of his inner circle might abandon him as a result.

  4. Here is a U.N. Chief who loves to hear bruited furphy than to know the real substance of the low-down.

  5. David Michael Meyer on

    If this is true -=-That the president elect ; made these distasteful comments ..It would show a great deal of disrespect on the part of a Nation’s leader ..How long can he go on making the kind of remarks he is said to be making ?

    If our president wants to be respected and listened too, these kind of knee jerk reactions need to be addressed –It is called impulse control..We alll would love to say what we think,,,But we learn as we grow –that this is not a good idea –Unless we do it in a manner which is acceptable

    David M Meyer (PhD Psych}

  6. Felix Sevidad on

    The UN head comments was irresponsible, he should analyse first what Duterte’s comments is all about before he talk.
    Duterte never suggest nor give an approval to kill the journalist if they’re corrupt, what he meant the journalist get killed because of their advocacy or being corrupt. Here in Philippines, there are many mouthpiece journalist of politicians they are paid for their service by these corrupt politicians.

  7. The UN Secretary general condemned duterte’s apparent support for extra judicial killing. Did the UN Secretary general condemned the killers of Kadhafi, did the UN Secretary general condemned the USA and France for supporting rebels against KHADAFI.the COL.wanted to have pan African nation independent of the west, establish African central bank, and to use gold standard for oil payments and eventually use dinar gold in all business transactions. Because of these they eliminate KHADAFI. did the UN Secretary Geral condemn the perpetrators of the killing of khadafi. Now look what happening in Libya and in Syria. Sec Pls try yo convince the parties in the Middle east conflict such as Russia,USA,turkey,Iran,ksa,Iraq,Syria,Yemen,France,the Kurdistan,Afghanistan to iron out differences for lasting peace in the middle east before you condemned duterte’s pronouncement.SHAME ON YOU.?