• UN demands aid access to Syria’s besieged towns


    UNITED NATIONS: Condemning Syria’s “barbaric” sieges, the United Nations demanded Friday immediate access to besieged towns to deliver food, medicine and other life-saving aid to civilians facing starvation. UN aid official Kyung-Wha Kang told an emergency Security Council meeting on ending the blockades that “there can be no reason or rational, no explanation or excuse, for preventing aid from reaching people in aid.” France and Britain requested the urgent talks after reports emerged of dozens of people who have died from starvation in the town of Madaya, where aid deliveries finally arrived this week. Madaya’s 40,000 residents have been living under siege by pro-government forces for months.



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    1. Condemning Syria’s “barbaric” sieges by the United Nations and ignoring entirely maritime and travel blockage against Gaza and restricting imports to Gaza since Hamas took over in 2007 is indeed a UN double-standard in Israel’s favor.

      James Monroe.