UN: PH ‘one of the worst places without conflict’


NUMEROUS killings and a supposed human rights crisis in the Philippines have made the country one of the worst places in the world even without an armed conflict, United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur Agnes Callamard has claimed.

Callamard, who is seeking an investigation into drug-related killings in the country, said the Philippine government had created multiple human rights crises.

“As far as my mandate is concerned, my work on killings is concerned, the Philippines is standing out as one of the worst places outside an armed conflict situation because of the scale of the killings, and also because the human rights crisis is multifold,” Callamard said in an interview by Bloomberg TV Philippines last week.

The crisis is also a health issue, she said, citing overcrowded jails and penitentiaries.

Asked if President Rodrigo Duterte could be held liable under international law for murder and or inciting violence, Callamard said there is a “regime of liability” attached to the acts and words of the President.

Incitement to violence is prohibited under international law but whether or not the President was inciting violence, “there is currently an atmosphere and culture around the killings that deny the people being killed their humanity.”

Callamard said the government had portrayed those being killed as drug pushers and drug addicts and not as fathers, sons and people who had dreams.

“This is so dangerous for the nature and for the culture altogether. Let’s remember who those individuals are and let’s give them the due process that they are entitled to as a Filipino citizen,” she pointed out.

Callamard is unable to conduct her investigation into the spate of killings of drug suspects in the country because of her refusal to meet the conditions set by the Philippine government. Among the conditions set by Malacañang is a public debate between Callamard and the President before the media.

A German official last week called on the government to allow Callamard in without conditions.

Callamard said: “Your President must listen to what we have to say. Your President must stop the war on drugs,” she added.


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  1. To all the people who don’t know much about Duterte, nor on what is going on in the Philippines, yet kept on throwing out baseless statements, let me demonstrate this as much as necessary:

    First, there is no law in the Philippines which prohibits a president to threathen criminals and potential criminals with death. Therefore, there is no crime at all when Duterte said: “if you destroy my country, I will kill you, and if you deprive us of our next generation, I will destroy you.”

    Second, “go and hunt for them, arrest them if possible, but if they present a violent resistance, thereby placing your life in jeopardy, shoot.” — that was Duterte’s order to policemen, it’s being taught in military schools — the right to defend, and is a standard protocol of every country. Thus, he’s not ordering the policemen to shoot for no reason.

    Third, Duterte was investigated by a former SOJ (Secretary of Justice) and former CHR (Commission on Human Rights) Chair (now a senator) named Leila de Lima and a UN (United Nations) Special Rapporteur Philip Alston, back when he was a mayor in Davao City, Philippines. They did not file a case against him at that time. They found nothing.

    Fourth, Duterte said: “Talagang naghahanap ako ng engkwentro para makapatay” (I was really looking for confrontation so I could kill). Confrontation means #2: the criminals resort to violent resistances frequently with arms, by means endangering the enforcer’s life. In a sane society, the criminals and potential criminals should be afraid of the police, not the other way around.

    Fifth, under Duterte’s mayorship, Davao City, Philippines was named as the fourth (4th) safest city and hits nine percent (9%) of growth.

    Sixth, it was really a shootout when Duterte admits #4 but the nternational media portrays him as he admitted killing “suspected criminals”. Those are criminals, not suspects. In addition, it was a legitimate operation — Duterte was along with policemen, was covered by the media and investigated by the CHR (Commission on Human Rights) back then. Duterte was telling a story concerning his mayorship for twenty three (23) years. The international media now, again did not do any research, there is a thing called ‘digging up the past’.

    Seventh, under Duterte’s administration a mega-drug rehabilitation center has been constructed which can include ten thousand (10,000) patients and there are more to be built as his term goes on. Plus, Duterte allocates one billion pesos (Php 1,000,000,000.00) for free medicines and another one billion pesos (Php 1,000,000,000.00) for drug rehabilitation from the money which he recieved personally from PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp).

    Eight, years before Duterte has not became a president yet, there are already numerous killings in the Philippines. Here are the statistics:

    Murder and Homicide in Philippines

    2010 – 12,352
    2011 – 11,864
    2012 – 11,506
    2013 – 16,160
    2014 – 13,105
    2015 – 12,481
    – PNP (Philippine National Police) Directorate for Investigative and Detective Management.

    The average killings since the year 2010 are almost the same.

    Ninth, Duterte is doing the following to stop the cause which is mainly due to poverty:
    1. Constructing/Constructed Mega-drug rehabilitation centers (already mentioned in #7).
    2. Alloting money for free medicines and drug rehabilitation (already mentioned in #7).
    3. Approved 2017 budget that includes free tuition fees for all SUCs (State Universities and Colleges).
    4. Filing of criminal cases against narco-politicians, policemen, celebrities and personalities.
    5. Attracted investments from different countries to generate more jobs.

    Tenth, currently there are more than a million of surrenderees. Here are the statistics:

    War on Narco-Politics Stats

    Latest update covering the period from July 1, 2016 to January 24, 2017 (6:00 AM) on Project: Double Barrel Alpha

    1. Number of operations conducted: 42,798
    2. Illegal Drug Personalities
    A. Killed: 2,512
    B. Arrested: 51,882

    3. Project: Oplan-Tokhang
    A. Number of houses visited: 6,808,581
    B. Total number of illegal drug surrenderers: 1,173,212
    I. Illegal drug pushers: 79,251
    II. Illegal drug users: 1,093,961

    4. Casualties on Police Operations

    A. PNP (Philippine National Police)
    I. KIPO (Killed in Police Operation): 35
    II. WIPO (Wounded in Police Operation): 84
    (The 13 KIPO and 10 WIPO are still for validation.)

    B. AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines)
    I. KIA (Killed in Action): 3
    II. WIA (Wounded in Action): 8

    – PROs (Philippine Regional Offices).

    2,512 killed in legitimate operations adding the 4,000+ DUI (Deaths Under Investigation) or are according to mainstream media as EJK (Extra-Judicial Killings). These are carried off by illegal drug syndicates (cleansing their own ranks), scalawag policemen, vigilantes and some are like heart attacks and cancers (media included some of natural causes). Consider it 7000+.

    7000+ out of 1,000,000+ is less than 1% (0.007 or so).

    Therefore, 99% are alive

  2. Amanda Taub of The New York Times wrote:

    “The true roots of the problem can be traced to the administration of Mr. Duterte’s predecessor, Benigno Aquino III. That is because, experts say, the true cause of this kind of extrajudicial violence is the public’s loss of confidence in state institutions and its turning instead to more immediate forms of punishment and control.

    “Mr. Aquino, elected in 2010 on promises to support the rule of law and human rights, failed to fix the Philippines’ corrupt and ineffective justice system. His administration also faced a series of security-related scandals, [beginning with] a hostage crisis in Manila in 2010.

    “And, perhaps most critical, Mr. Aquino was perceived as lazy and soft, unwilling to take the necessary steps to solve the country’s problems. Frustration with the government’s inability to provide basic security led to rising public demand for new leaders who would take more decisive action to provide security.”

    CRITICS should FOCUS on SOURCE of a PROBLEM and they need to LOOK @ WHO PROFIT OFF of the dispair & eventual destruction of our youth/people.

    Neglect of duty is the omission to perform a duty. Neglect of duty has reference to the neglect or failure on the part of a public official to do and perform some duty or duties laid on him as such by virtue of his office or which is required of him by law. It is not material whether the neglect is willful, through malice, ignorance or oversight, when such neglect is grave and the frequency of it is such as to endanger or threaten the public welfare, it is gross.

  3. This Callamard should change her name to Calamari for her squid tactics by smearing RP as the worst HR place without Conflict. No conflict? Really?

    Then what do you call the moro and maoist insurgencies, the political warlords with private armies involved in marijuana to meth production, the rogue military leaders turned coup-de-etat politicians as narco-syndicate protectors, the many armed cults and civilian paramilitary militias. All engaged in urban and jungle guerrilla warfare, banditry, minefields, taking sons barely into their teen years to conscript into child warriors, taking daughters as sex-slaves brides by some jungle commander.

    Does that not define a war zone area of conflict.

    If this Callamard believes there is no conflict necessitating the president’s actions to restore peace and order in our country, then dare to go south and walk around in the jungle alone. The next time we hear from you it will be to plead for your life to say you were kidnapped by some armed men being passed around as party favors.

    This UN girl who knows nothing about conflict in the RP must shut her ignorant mouth, we here must deal with a real war aside from the a war on drugs.

  4. The EU and the UN are contradicting their own pronouncements because they already believed that the Du30 is responsible for the erroneously reported 7000 state-sponsored EJK’s in the Philippines and even made calls for him to stop the attrocities. And yet they are still pushing for a UN rapporteur to be allowed to come to the Philippines to investigate? This only proves that they are not sure about the data that they have, which is far from the truth.

    I bet Agnes Callamard doesn’t even have figures on how many have died in North Korea, which are most likely state-sponsored. Nor does she have figures on how many were killed in pro-democracy rallies in China. Isn’t it obvious that she’s not doing job properly or perhaps she has an ax to grind against Du30.

  5. ms callamard should stop lying to the world. she doesn’t live here and she only listens to one group of people for the iropnion of our current condition, those who like to destabilize the government. and the UN is dwindling as well. please please resolve those issues of syria and the middle east, they have more human rights concerns that the UN to resolve. she is just a part of those corrupt people who will not benefit if the philippines government remove corruption in due time.

  6. dio san pedro on

    UN Human Rights watch is one of the reason why US is cutting its UN funding. US Secretary of State ignored UN Human Rights Office because of this king of bullshit. The Philippine Government just need to keep on answering every single accusation UN has so that the whole world will know there are two sides of the story.

  7. Is this Callamard ordering us filipinos to heed her?

    She should never be allowed to step on Philippines soil.

  8. The worst is UN itself, LOL.

    Worry first about the cut in US funding to UN that has been proposed. Maybe this guy will be out of job when that happens.

  9. Please UN go to Palestine and Syria, your investigation and intervention is much needed there.
    If She is really serious is reporting the proceedings to the world then why not engage in public debate with PRRD.

  10. Worst place without a conflict? That would be irresponsible and a stupid thing to say, considering the statement is coming from the U.N. crime investigator. When the President declared war against illegal drugs, isn’t that a conflict? There were so many threats against the President coming from organizations around the world, to include the European Union, about the number of casualties but hell, the casualties have not yet reached the 200,000 mark that he promised to die during his Presidential campaign. What is 200,000 to 13 Million? It is only 1.5 % of the population and hopefully, drugs on the street level will subside and will be under the control of PNP. The 1.5 percent can be replaced in no time because the CBCP has forbidden contraceptives to be used by sexually active Filipinos. I wonder if that rule apply to the priests in general and to themselves as well…..

    There are few millions of drug addicts that surrendered to the authority that needed help such as medications and place to stay during rehabilitations and millions of families were ruined as well. If the U.N investigators did not include these figures in their equation, they are not in investigating the whole thing; only interested on casualties, and who provided these information and statistics? was it Rappler?

  11. Callamard is delusional. Can the Manila Times newspaper give her a copy of some of the Filipino comments about them? We have the best of times today since Marcos. President Duterte is doing whatever he can within a 6 year time frame in mind to steer the Philippines into progress and here you are talking irresponsibly. I could not help wanting to use strong words to blasts you but I will refrain for the sake of this newspaper. Liberals like you are the problems of society. Do not impose your values for we are very different. Take the case of Israel for example who received unfavorable resolutions from UN historically. You constantly accused them of killing civilians every time Israel retaliates but your human rights commission turned blind eye to the fact that it is Palestine who always want to kill Israeli civilians. And yet Israel is constantly punished, but the simple resolution telling Palestine to stop indiscriminate rocket attacks so Israel will not retaliate has been never made.

    Just making a point how hypocrite your office was, and do not do the same to the Philippines.

  12. UN is the worst organization to rely on for the truth, or depend on to stop genocidal armed conflict. Look at their inaction on blood bath massacres, tortures and rapes of thousands of Christians and anyone considered infidel by ISIS, ISIL. Instead here we have this hypocritical UN Special Rapporteur screaming hysterical self-righteousness on a FICTION that RP is the worst human rights violator in the world.

    All the while the UN turns a blind eye to millions murdered by starvation and oppression in the death camps in North Korea, which even sponsored illicit drug use to mind enslave its citizenry. The UN is most guilty for allowing by tacit silence and inaction the bulk smuggling of tons of NoKor meth to the RP, which is the reason why we have this narco war against corruption and criminality in the first place.

  13. The UN should just do what they usually do with a government that does not comply or cooperate with international rules.
    Impose sanctions.

    The PH government has stated they don’t any help or aid so let them do whatever they want as a rogue nation and isolate them.

    • FYI are you dreaming? Sanctions require UN Security Council (SC) approval. Only a veto by one permanent SC member country is required to shoot down any sanctions resolution. With China, Russia and the US (under Trump), that’s more than enough to keep your sanctions dream just a dream. Why not pinch yourself to wake up?!!

  14. I wonder how much the Yellows are paying Callamard, other UN personalities and “Human Rights” Watch to push their propaganda and agendas? They speak like dictators over our sovereign nation. What does 70% approval rating mean to them? We will not be the next Palestine. I say to them, heed the president and his administration to deliver the promises he made. 70M of us will not be bullied into submission for he love of our country and the freedom we seek to eradicate drugs, crime and corruption. Stand strong Pres. Mayor Duterte! You make me proud to be a Filipino.

  15. Wow! “Your President must listen to what we have to say” Parang nag-uutos ng bata? Sino ba sila na paki alaman ang pamaraang ginagawa ko sa akin tahanan? Alam ba nila ang situation sa ground?

    Bakit ayaw tanggapin ni Gng Callamard ang hamon ng Pangulong Dutarte para makita ng buong sambayanan kung sino ang nagsasabi ng tama o mali? Isa lang ang ibig sabihin niyan, hindi nya alam ang kanyang ginagawa. At pagnandidito na iyan, hindi papairalin niyan ang fairness ng investigation.

    Sa Europe nga di nila kayang bigyan solution ang problema nila sa mga refugees, maki sawsaw pa sila sa Pilipnas? In short ayaw lang nilang makita ang pag-unlad natin, kaya gusto nilang ibalik tayo sa pamamaraan na gusto nila.

  16. Tita Rimando on

    This UN says “….must listen…” and “…must stop…” – strong words; strong beliefs. All talk but can’t put into action their intention to investigate just because of DU30’s public debate condiion?
    And investigation is just the first step to finding the truth!
    So why keep talking if they still haven’t gotten to the truth?!
    I used to have high respects for UN.

  17. Hmmm … a country without armed conflict? And this is the quality of investigator that the UN proposes???