UN rights expert sets visit to PH


    A United Nations human rights rapporteur said Monday she intended to visit the Philippines to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly war on illegal drugs, but was seeking security guarantees for people she planned to speak with.

    Duterte last week said he would allow UN and EU experts to look into the thousands of killings since he took office on June 30, however he also challenged them to face him in public debates.

    While the government has yet to issue formal invitations, the UN rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Agnes Callamard of France, said she would solicit one.

    “I welcome the reports recently [conveyed]through the media that the President and government of the Philippines will invite a UN mission to investigate the alleged extrajudicial executions,” Callamard said in a statement emailed to AFP.

    Callamard said that she would insist on a range of measures to ensure that those who spoke with her did not face retribution.

    “The date and scope of the fact-finding mission will be discussed and negotiated with the government, along
    with essential guarantees,” she said.

    Those would include “my freedom of movement and freedom of inquiry, and the assurance that those who cooperate with me will not be the object of retaliation, such as intimidation, threats, harassment or punishment,” she said.

    Duterte won the presidential election in a landslide in May after promising to kill criminals as part of a campaign against illegal drugs.

    More than 3,300 people have been killed since Duterte took office, police figures show.

    Duterte has in recent months urged police and even civilians to kill drug addicts as well as traffickers, and vowed to protect lawmen from prosecution. However he has also insisted that he has not encouraged anything illegal, clarifying that crime suspects should be killed only when they resist arrest.

    Police say they shot dead about a third of the people killed so far in self-defense, while the others were victims of intra-gang wars.

    However rights groups claim police are conducting extrajudicial killings and unleashing hired assassins, and that people with no links to the drug trade are being murdered as the rule of law crumbles.

    The United Nations, the European Union, the United States and international human rights groups have all condemned the killings.

    But Duterte has insisted he must continue his bloody crackdown to stop the Philippines from becoming a narco state.

    He often responds to criticism with abusive and defiant language. Targets of his foul-mouthed tirades have included US President Barack Obama, UN chief Ban Ki-moon and the European Union.

    Not sanctioned
    Duterte on Monday admitted there were indeed extrajudicial killings in the country, but insisted they were not sanctioned by the government.

    “My government is not into the business of making mummies,” the President said, referring to the manner the victims’ bodies were wrapped with packaging tape before being dumped on the streets.

    Duterte proposed an “open” and “no-holds-barred” investigation.

    The President earlier invited UN chief Ban Ki-moon, the EU and US President Barack Obama to come to the country and look into the alleged summary executions.

    But the President said international parties should also answer questions from him in an “open forum.”

    “To all of you EU, Obama, United States, I’m staking my life, my honor, the presidency. I have no illusions here,” Duterte said.

    “They shouldn’t threaten me on extrajudicial killings, or else I will also demand that the United States of America and EU be investigated alongside with me. Because they have committed far more injustice and have done horrific things,” he added.

    For instance, Duterte argued, the US invaded Iraq in 2003 to hunt for weapons of mass destruction, but not a single firecracker was found.


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    1. Mr. Duterte, if you really believe you have nothing to hide on your alleged DSS EXTRA JUDICIAL KILLINGS when you were a former Davao City Mayor & now as President, allow the UN Special Rapporteur & the UN Commission on Human Rights Council to conduct a credible, independent & exhaustive probe on alleged crimes against humanities. Do not put censorship & controls on their inquiry.

    2. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      27 September 2016

      What Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte is declaring as preconditions for the UN, the EU and the US to investigate his megalomanic genocidal warrantless extrajudicial killing of all those suspected of being involved in the illegal drug problem–for example that investigators should agree to debate with him!–makes him look like a fool.


    3. >>> REMINDER to PresDu30, Mr. Andanar and Mr. Yasay , etc.

      More efforts has to be done from those about 17 millions Filipinos voted PDU30. They should all together answer the foreign media and DDS (Destructive, Distorted Social) media of yellow tards. Because a certain very influential International Human Rights crusader of ICC ( either Ms Samantha Power or her associates) has been compiling and gathering such news items and comments by these bleeding heart people. And must equalize the news coming from our local yellow media used by the politician personalities and oligarchs.

      If this cannot be done, then the PLAN B-ICC of yellow tards will succeed and the ICC will pursue to send their investigators and reporters to intimidate the PDU30 government program and policies including campaign against illegal drugs trafficking and personalities. ICC could issue a subpoena and arrest warrants to any leaders of its nation member and signatories (USA not a member , they don’t like any nations leaders to interfere in thier internal affair) who may have violated international human rights law. Only in UN-ICJ that USA is member.

    4. Callamard said that she would insist on a range of measures to ensure that those who spoke with her did not face retribution.

      “The date and scope of the fact-finding mission will be discussed and negotiated with the government, along
      with essential guarantees,” she said.

      >>> The UN Human Rights reporter (Ms Agnes Callamrd of (AFP) Agence France Press shall disclosed to the Filipino Citizens the following.
      ..that her mission is not or that he r mission is a part of associates or one of sponsor in any plot, covert or clandestine against present government of the Philippines.
      ..that her mission is shall not be used just to formally interview the persons or witnesses gathered by the opposition political personalities.
      ..that the date and scope of her mission shall be MUTUALLY DISCUSSED by her and the Philippine Government.

    5. The UN busybodies will come here and will only interview the likes of De Lima, Gascon and other personalities involved in the anti-Duterte effort. Let’s not be fools here and put any faith in the fairness of what the UN and other similar entities are out to do. Why the government bothers at all to allow in these hatchet-job specialists is irritating.

    6. magelan was not welcome in the Philippines,then used the Philippines as ransom to the u.s.for the u.s./Spanish war settlement after make believe victory in the battle of manila bay at that time the Philippine rebellion has been won against spain. this was followed by a brutual invasion/occupation bythe imperial japan. practically all the previous president from roxas to aquiino were elected because of a direct/indirect foreign support except their current president. let us leave them alone and see if the can stand in their feet as an independent country.

    7. An impartial invesitigation into the alleged extra-judicial killings in the country by a foreign group is a welcome relief (I’m sure) by an ordinary Filipinos but not by the Duterte allies. With so many deaths happening throughout the country, Duterte cannot just say those killings are justifiable in his war on drugs. Unsolved killings is a sign of police incompetence that brings fear and panic to the people. If the PNP is so quick into arresting drug suspects and drug pushers that often results to death of the suspects and claimed by law enforcers as have resisted arrest or engaged in shootout in order to justify the killings, the PNP should also be quick in finding and bringing to justice those who summarily executed suspected drug users, pushers, or dealers. I hope truth comes out during the UN investigation of Duterte’s so-called DDS and his involvement in the commission of some crimes. I want a President that is respected not feared.

    8. This UN group has prejudged Duterte. Don’t expect them to investigate fairly, they will come here to Indict Duterte in aid of his ouster.

      • We have the right to kill anyone we want and the rest of the world has to respect our right to deny others their rights.

        According to these retards only drug lords, drug pushers and addicts support the Philippines Constitution

      • The Yellow Cult will wine and dine these UN pakialameros and make sure they go back with a package of prejudgments and distortions. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow this is what will happen. Wag na tayo maglokohan.