• UN to slap sanctions on 4 British IS jihadists


    LONDON: The United Nations is expected to place sanctions on four British jihadists accused of fighting or recruiting for the Islamic State group in Syria, the British government said on Tuesday. The two women and two men would face a travel ban and an asset freeze in a bid to discourage others leaving Britain to join the jihadist group, which has seized control of large areas of Syria and Iraq. “We will do all we can to stop British citizens from going to fight for ISIL,” a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron said, using another term for Islamic State. “These sanctions are a powerful tool — freezing an individual’s assets and imposing a global travel ban on them . . . sends a clear deterrent message.” The British government said it was the first time in almost a decade it had asked the UN to add Britons to its al-Qaeda sanctions list of jihadists, adding that it could ask for more people to be included.



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