UN urged to probe ‘rising’ PH violence


AN international group of “progressive” parties and world leaders has warned against a “rising tide” of violence and death in the Philippines under President Rodrigo Duterte, and called on the United Nations to investigate.

In a joint statement, the Progressive Alliance (PA), which gathered prime ministers and presidents as well as 140 representatives of major leftist political parties in Germany, said the Philippine administration’s drive against illegal drugs make for a “violent witch hunt.”

“First, the extra judicial killings resulting from a government campaign targeting people for their supposed links to drugs, is shredding the country’s adherence to the presumption of innocence and equal protection of the law,” it said.

“[T]he government’s current anti-drugs campaign manifests as a violent witch hunt that primarily victimizes poor people unable to afford legal defense [for themselves],” it added.

The group urged the global community to pay attention to the developments in the “fragile and contested democracy” in the Philippines.

“We believe the United Nations, in the absence of tangible, decisive action on the part of its national authorities to desist from these anti-democratic practices, should investigate the situation in the Philippines and forward recommendations how the international community can help its citizens,” it noted.

PA is an association of social democratic, socialist and labor parties including those from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, and the Workers’ Party in Brazil.

The group said the passage of the controversial death penalty bill in the House of Representatives, as well as the lowering of the minimum age of criminal responsibility to 9 from the current 15, seemed “intent on going down a path of death and violence.”

“Both measures are backward, barbaric, cruel and violent – they should not be accepted in societies today,” it said.

The group called on the Duterte administration to abandon these measures as it called out President Duterte’s inflammatory language and pronouncements that, it said, explicitly condoned the killing of suspected drug users.

It also sought a stop to the branding of those who oppose the anti-drug campaign as “protectors of drug trade lords and coddlers.”

“Women leaders of the opposition like Leila de Lima, [Vice President] Leni Robredo and [Senator] Risa Hontiveros have been subjected to well-orchestrated online campaigns of harassment, bullying, and misogynistic attacks,” it said.

‘Don’t threaten martial law’

The group urged Duterte not to threaten the public that he would declare martial law to solve the problems in the country, most especially in Mindanao.

“[We dare] President Duterte to desist from baiting the public with dictatorship and Martial Law as solutions to the country’s problems,” it said.

PA’s statement was approved during a convention in Berlin, Germany and among those in attendance as indicated in the statement were Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, German Social Democratic Party chancellor candidate Martin Schulz, Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern and the vice chair of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Maria Joao Rodrigues.


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  1. Correction

    HRW, the scourge of humanity. When children are sold to prostitution by their parents, when women are suppress in some Muslim countries, when underage are force to child marriage, when children in AFRICA are mutilated, I never hear the voice of HRW in the news.

    But when government are fighting drugs, they are the first to promote the legalization of drugs.

    When UN try to avoid taken responsibility for the death of tens of thousand of African for bringing a Cholera to Haiti, where is HRW.

    But when it comes to suppressing drugs, they are quick to act against it.

    Frankly, there are better organization than HRW that are really doing something for humanity. They need to change their name, they bring shame to the word “human right”.

  2. No wonder Trump wants to cut funding to UN, and I hope the congress approved it. UN is a political tool.

    I don’t understand why Filipinos think highly of UN, Times, CNN, when in the US, people knows they are purely political tools.

    Progressive, the group fighting to legalized drug in the US. These group should be called progressive, there is nothing progressive about their goal.

  3. UN should read Filipino people’s mind on comments on social media and mainstream news media. Seems that they were gathering reports from ABS-CBN or GMA news which have become speakers for LIberal Party. The UN should realized that Liberal Party is not the voice of Filipinos but Duterte is.

  4. matino na pinoy on

    The “Progressive Alliance” has made accusations and asking the International Community to keep an eye on the “fragile and contested democracy in the Philippines? These morons have asked the U.N. to investigate the EJK and they basically wanted to dictate how to deal with the internal problems in the Country and the funniest thing that they said is this : “We believe the United Nations, in the absence of tangible, decisive action on the part of its national authorities to desist from these anti-democratic practices, should investigate the situation in the Philippines and forward recommendations how the international community can help its citizens,”

    These morons should have asked the U.N. to ship economic aid to the country to help feed the hungry, asked money from rich country to support the drug rehabilitation program, such as building hospitals, hiring medical personnel, buying medical equipment, medications, and finally, to help the drug addicts’ treatment, technical training for their livelihood and their reintegration into the society. The Progressive Alliance Group should extend their help if they are really sincere in what they call “progress”. However, with or without help from these groups, war on drugs, corruptions, NPAs, ISIS, Abu Sayyaf Group, Kidnap for Ransom groups and other organized groups committing atrocities shall be dealt with, without mercy. The government should kill them all and ask questions later. PDU30 is in the right tract fighting criminalities and should continue in killing them all and let God or Allah sort them out later. Lastly, PDU30 is in the right track in saving the next generations of Filipinos from destructions that are being created now. A peaceful society, green mountains, literacy rate in the county shall go up that produce better informed citizens and unlimited opportunities because of what PDU30 is doing now.

  5. Leland Sacro on

    Another international organization concerned about Philippines. Surely they make use of media reports without proper verification.

    They should come visit Manila to check for themselves.

  6. blah, blah, blah, blah, blahl! EU is so outdated they can’t even see their own problem with refugees/terrorist inside their countries that wants to kill them, but they have the time to look our problems, which they have no knowledge about.