UNA blasts Trillanes, Cayetano for peddling lies

BATANGAS PROPERTY TOUR  Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th and businessman Antonio Tiu tour the Batangas property that former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado alleged belonged to Vice President Jejomar Binay. Tiu had insisted that the estate was bought by his company.  PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th and businessman Antonio Tiu tour the Batangas property that former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado alleged belonged to Vice President Jejomar Binay. Tiu had insisted that the estate was bought by his company. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

THE United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) took potshots at two pro-administration senators for allowing their resource person to peddle lies in the Senate to demolish Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Lawyer JV Bautista, UNA interim secretary general, said Senators Alan Peter Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes 4th allowed former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado to “tweak the truth.”

Bautista cited Cayetano’s admission that he chartered the helicopter that took aerial photos of a vast estate in Rosario, Batangas, that is allegedly owned by Binay.

“Sen. Cayetano knew Mr. Mercado was lying when he claimed he paid for and was on board the helicopter. [But Cayetano just let Mercado lie]. [That is the senator who says the truth will set us free]. The truth shall set us free, Sen. Cayetano,” Bautista said in a statement.

“Ang isda nahuhuli sa bibig. At umamin si Cayetano matapos mabuking na may tinatago dahil puro tauhan nya ang nakasakay sa chopper [The fish is caught by the mouth. And Cayetano so admitted , after he was found to be hiding something, because all those aboard the helicopter were his people], ” he added.

The lawyer said the senator’s reluctant admission again showed the Senate inquiry into the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2 is a scripted zarzuela (farce) “where the senators are not only actors but also the directors and writers with [Department of Interior and Local Government] Secretary [Manuel] “Mar” Roxas [2nd] as the producer.”

Bautista scored the senators for allowing Mercado to talk endlessly on malicious and baseless charges against the Vice President, but, he said, they ridiculed and constantly interrupted Chinese-Filipino businessman Antonio Tiu when it was Tiu’s turn to talk.

“The way Mr. Tiu was abused and threatened especially by Sen. Trillanes only confirms the wisdom of the [Vice President’s] decision to stay away from this farcical witchhunt,” the UNA official said.

Meanwhile, he noted that Belle Corp. has issued an official statement denying that Binay owns a log cabin in Tagaytay Highlands as also claimed by Mercado.

“So once again, Mr. Mercado has been exposed as a liar, someone who hides behind his immunity to lie and make stories against [Vice President[ Binay,” Bautista said.

"It is not only Mercado who has been playing loose with the truth. It is the senators themselves. Without offering a shred of evidence, [Trillanes] alleges bribery. We would like the senator to shed off his parliamentary immunity and be accountable for defamation like any ordinary citizen. [I[I challenge him to be man enough and not hide behind parliamentary immunity. Lying is not included in a senator’s privileges] he added.

Bautista said the senators “are so blinded by hate that they do not even, or [t[that]ybe [t[they do]pretend not to understand that a property sale can be consummated by a Transfer Certificate Title (TCT) annotation only after the seller has completed his documentation and the buyer his payments.”

“Now that this has been cleared up, we wonder where else this witchhunt will go to next,” the UNA official added.


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  1. At least naman mayroong principio ang mga snador na mga ito. Walang proofs na nagpayaman sila sa pagnanakaw ng pera ng taong bayan. Pikit ang mga mata ninyong lahat kahit may katotohanan ang mga bintang kay Binay. Baki kaya? Kasama ba kayo sa payroll ni Binay para mag-komento ditto sa Manila Times na wala ng gaanong mambabasa? Kagaya ba ninyo si Tiglao na kasama sa payroll ni Binay? Gumising na kayong lahat!!! Mga LEFTISTS, BAYAN, nasaan ang ipinaglalaban ninyo para sa taong bayan. Kinurakot na ni Binay ang pera ng Pilipino para yumaman. Baka kayo naman ay may parte sa pangungurakot ni Binay para may pondo kayo sa pagrarally. Magrally naman kayo tungkol sa CORRUPTION ni Binay.

  2. I am not surprised by this investigation in aid of demolition. Roxas needs a boost. The Filipinos did not vote for him in 2010 what makes him think he can win in 2016..Roxas wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. Correction Mr. Bautista, Trillones was not blinded by hate but blinded by DESIRE to become President or vice-president. Same as Cawatano and Roxas.

    • your right sila mga KSP – noong sundalo palang si Trillanes dahil d mapromote ani gnawa nag papansin gumwa ng konting drama d nakulong un sumikat kaya nagkapangalan- senator na – fault finder – crab mentality – grow up TRILLANES make ur own name by doing good services to people to rise!!!

  4. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

    Binay should be investigated by the Ombudsman, not by the grandstanding senators or by the “yellow ribbon committee”. I don’t know if these clowns are aware that they are making the senate a “sarzuela” forum. The institution has lost its credibilithy because of members like them. Tutas!

  5. whatever, the main thing is the truth be revealed and liers be punished for demation of character which is punishable by imprisonment and monetary compensation for the damaged done. If otherwise though then same thing. Let justice takes its course. we do not need anymore corruption and deception and lies get away with it. Its time to get things done.

    • yes, that will surely be. I have voted for trillanes before, I thought he was an idealist and a revolutionary then. now I uncovered that he is a selfish politician.

  6. Aside from tolerating the lies of Mercado, the 3 senators allowed him to demean and insult the wife of Binay. He stated that there was air conditioned piggery because Dr. Elenita couldn’t stand the stench or smell of the hogs. This was truly below the belt as Mercado, and tolerated by the 3 senators, made it appear that Dr. Elenita was akin to a Marie Antoinette. Maarte ika nga. But the reality on the ground, as proven by the actual visit of Trillanes, was that there was so such air-conditioned piggery. In the same vein, another so-called witness, Atty Bondal claimed the cakes given to senior citizens in Makati cost around 1,000 pesos, only to be refuted by real facts which show the price was only 300 pesos. And yet the 2 witnesses despite their obvious lies and insulting remarks were not even reprimanded or cautioned by the 3 senators.

    Obviously, the senate hearings is designed as tactic to divert attention from more crucial issues like the DAP. Note the following: There was only one hearing on the DAP considering it involves 300 billions of people’s money, our money. Also, one hearing on the allegd hidden wealth and gross incompetence of Allan Purisima. In that said hearing, Trillanes was virtually lawyering for Purisima. What about the MRT mess which affects thousands of commuters? Only one hearing? Is that enough? Yet in the case of Binay, which is about an LGU concern and therefore not a national issue, at least 5 hearings with another 7 to follow as claimed by Trillanes.

    In the final analysis, as put forth by one reader: Who stands to benefit in the fall of Binay? Well, demolishing Binay is only a means to a higher goal. And this is to ensure that the Liberal Party stays in power as to whoever their real or anointed candidate will be. Pwedeng si Roxas or kahit si Cayatano basta aligned sa kanila. Why? It is actually common sense. If the LP stays on power the sins of Pnoy, Abad, et al and its adverse repercussions will be contained.

    • I agree – pinoy politics – hi tech na ang world pero lumang kaugaliaan pa rin ang utak ng mga politico natin – anu ba yan – batas ang pag aralan hindi sarzuela nlang palagi napapanood – tultudakan ang DAP dapat managot ang Power twister Pnoy-Abad-Drilon – PDAF smugglers dapat may katumbas na parusa para d na matularan.

  7. I saw on TV the tour of the big house in the Batangas property led by Doris bigornia and can’t help notice her efforts to portray the “lavishness” of the rooms. She kept referring to “antique” furniture while pointing to what looked to me like ordinary chairs and tables. It was an obvious attempt to paint the place more lavish then it actually is because I wonder if Doris has any idea what “antique” furniture are. Clearly this is another case on media used by politicians.

  8. Ang daming mga negosyante walang lupa pero umaarkela at lumalabas kanila ang plantation at wala namang problema sa batas. Ano ba Trillanes, Cayetano at Pimentel ano ba problema nyo ? Wala na kayo!

  9. From the Title of the Story alone, without reading the article, I know that Trillanes and
    Cayetano are using their investigation to gain “POLITICAL MILLAGE”, comes 2016 elections.

    All their efforts to gain millage will “BACKFIRE”, as sure as the sun rise in the East.

  10. Herman P. Hondojare on

    Filipinos are no longer illiterate or stupid not to understand the truth for reading or hearing the news the very obvious illegal act, manipulation of law and abused of power by trillanes, cayetano and pimentel to malice and destroy the reputation of binay family, they are wasting millions of people money on Aid of their Re-Election.

    This kind of people shall not be voted in 2016 election including those senators and congressman bribed by PDAF and DAP, the new government must file a case against them for plundering the billions of the unconstitutional PDAF and DAP including aquino.

    After 2016 Election, Filipinos must unite to file a petition with the Supreme Court of removing the law in the Philippine Constitution allocating billions of money to Congressman and Senators for they are a legislators.

    God Bless The Philippines