• UNA, LP merger? Why not?


    Immediately after the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of the President, this is what Vice President Jejomar Binay had to say: “President Aquino spoke from the heart and I commend him for his candidness and sincerity.”

    On Wednesday, United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) spokesman and Rep.  Toby Tiangco, over the radio said, “ I agree with nine out of 10 of what the President said in his SONA.”

    Many wonder why the sudden change of heart by the opposition and why they seem to be singing a different tune these days.

    Talks about the possible alliance of UNA and the Liberal Party and VP Binay being the anointed one of the administration for the 2016 elections spread like wildfire in barbershops, cafes, and even in boardrooms around the country the next day.

    Tiangco, however, denied any dialogue, whether official or through the backdoor, between the opposition and the administration party but said they are ready to talk to anyone “for the future of the country.”

    Remote as it may seem that Pnoy will handpick Binay to replace him after his term ends in 2016. But political analysts never cast doubts on this idea reiterating once more the saying “In politics, there are no permanent enemies, only interests.”

    Could it be that Binay’s show of sympathy and his party’s nod on the President’s accomplishments that he listed in his fifth SONA a “writing on the wall” that these two political leaders may soon join forces and unite for the upcoming elections?

    Why not? As long as it would be beneficial, not only for themselves or their parties, but for the entire country as well who had been longing for a leader who can deliver them from extreme poverty and deeply rooted corruption.


    The lawmaker who does not think?

    I really do not know what Quezon City Rep. Winnie Castelo was thinking when he asked the House ethics committee to investigate, and probably sanction, lawmakers who walked out of Congress during Pnoy’s SONA on Monday.

    Castelo, a member of the ruling Liberal Party, wants the committee to investigate if those lawmakers, who belong to militant groups, violated any House rules when they walked out in the middle of the President’s speech.

    Castelo perhaps forgot that the action taken by his colleagues from various party-list groups during the SONA is protected by the Bill of Rights under Article 3 of the 1987 Constitution which covers the freedom of speech, expression, and the press, and for peaceful assembly to voice their grievance and redress.

    In a radio interview, Castelo insisted that it is not a question of legality but more on ethics.

    Hehehe . . . Castelo should be reminded that the Constitution is above any rules or laws throughout the land. The lawmakers who left Congress while the President was delivering his speech were just exercising their rights as citizens of this country.

    It behooves Cong. Castelo to focus on the needs of his constituents in his district, which, I am sure are plenty, such as how to make both ends meet, how to send their children to school, the rising criminality in the area, and much more.

    Can you file a more a useful bill that will benefit your constituents, Cong. Castelo? If you can’t think of any, ask them!



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    1. Jose Carlito on

      Mr. Binay should come clean first before asking the people to elect him to the presidency. He must clear himself of all the allegations of corruption hurled against him in the court of law not in the media. He should not be afraid to face the allegations in the court if he is clean.

    2. Guys you need to understand the majority of people old enough to vote are not as educated as they should be. They have only lived in this country & dont use the internet to find out about the world & so when it comes to voting they have no idea who to vote for. They hear them singing & see them dancing & accept a few candies thrown their way & hey presto there is the candidate they will vote for. So im sorry but these not so honest candidates will keep eliciting votes by using those tried & tested means.

    3. Cannot merge UNA and LP,UNA they are all crook,and they are all going to jail,the momentun are now rolling against corruption,thats why VP Binay is now kissing President butt,but he is not gonna bite.According to my spy may reporter na nasa payroll ni Napoles initial TMT.

    4. Kiss of Death pag si VP Binay ay naging standard bearer ng LP. Wala na tayong patutunguhan. Sana tumakbo uli si Pres. Estrada?

    5. It is highly possible that UNA merge with LP since most politicians have a common goal, their objective is to get back what they invested during elections with much higher interest / return. They are not after the welfare of the citizenry that why they become more wealthier and powerful.Have you seen any politicians who won the elections and became poor, look at Pnoy himself his SALN now is much higher than before , same as most of the senators and congressmen. Binay is not that rich before he became Makati mayor, look at Binay now, his son and daughters.

    6. Sir Erwin, what can you expect from Tong Castelo, who is one the most
      sipsip and so epal among the yellow army. Also, their idol/boss does
      not follow the constitution himself the troll follow their leader.

    7. P. Akialamiro on

      Alliance or no alliance, I am confident that if the traditional media people do their job in exposing the annomalies in the government and the officials involved, as often as they should, the Netizens will do their part in the dessimination of who those rotten apples are. As there are more and more independent voters, I am quite sure that the future candidates of the different political parties can no longer rely solely on their party affiliations.With all the fiasco happening in the govenment, candidates will have to rely more on their personal ‘strengths’ and not hanging by coattails of anyone. In other words, EVERYONE should be vigilant and proactive when election time comes.

    8. Erwin, this early, the 2015 two-plus trillion budget has already been pre-allocated. That could explain the minority block’s fine tuning. The allocation can be recalled if they will continue bashing the president. They are chameleons whose skins do not differ from the target of the smear aimed at building up positive perception from the public. The louder they become, the bigger the chance for their name recall in 2016. But Pnoy knows too well about the most potent weapon he will use to silence them. He riddles them with bullets made from bundles of paper where faces of his parents are printed over and presto, their lips are sealed.

    9. eddie tefilo ive been saying for a long time now every single politician should be investigated. Their lifestyle, their assetts, everything about them as they can enter politics relatively poor but emerge the other side very wealthy. Take andal ampatuan. In fact take the whole ampatuan clan & check where all their monies came from im sure you will see 95% of it is illegally gotten. We have a councillor living in my subdivision who has a great lifestyle. When there is nothing happening he speaks well telling the people this & that & they all seem to adore him, when typhoon glenda moved on & we had no water or electricity for almost a week his silence was deafening. They are self serving scumbags & i for one dont respect them because of their office. I learnt in my country respect has to be earned & i havent seen a single one here who has earned it.

    10. Gloria M. Kuizon on

      Good idea. Then when VP Binay becomes president he should be the converted Filipino leader who does what God and the Church clearly say must be done–rule justly, honestly and always trying his best for excellence.
      That means he will do whaty Lee Kwan Yew did in Singapore. The first thing he did was prosecute and jail his partymates and supporters — corrupt politicians and the communists in Barisan Socialis wh supported him were rounded up by the morally revitalilzed Singapore Police!

      • He’ll not do that. Binay is Aqino’s alalay and this includes Noy, Kris etc. It’s better this early, Erap secretly form his new coalition. There is no real oppositon as of now but party list, some of them.

    11. Matagal ng balita na si Binay ang talagang manok ni Pnoy at hindi si Mar Roxas. Dito lang pinapakita na, gaya mo Erwin na ” Birds of the same Feathers flocks together “, kaya hindi kataka-taka na maging coalition candidate ng Pnoy administration at Una si Binay kahit na ito meron Plunder Charge di umano galling sa LP’s.

    12. Binay and his family is being investigated for plunder. This is one reason why he conforms with the SONA of Abnoy, when almost every body else, except of course the yellow tards, is saying it has more lies than facts. Of course he wants those charges to go away as his chances of being the President is in jeopardy. That is why people who keeps on harping that Binay and his group are the opposition, are sharing the same convoluted mind of their aknowledge leader. Binay should explain first where his 59 million declared assets came from. He keep on saying that he came from a poor family that he has to work to support his studies. He has work with the government as a public servant since Cory’s time. Maybe, the assertion of a lot of people that being a public servant is really a profitable endeavor. Lest you misconstrued my statement, I am not endorsing anybody else. I am for the abolition of both the Executive, led by the Thief Executive, and both houses of Tongress, also being inhabited by crooks and thieves. A Transitional government should be established minus all those thieve and crooks!

    13. If this political merger will push thru this could mean that all crimes committed re DAP and PDAF will be “gone with the wind”. Walang ma indict, walang ma convict, at walang makulong notably PNoy and Abad. And DAP and PDAF will continue. Happy All!

      It’s crystal clear sa ngayon pa lang. UNA keeps on saying that DAP and PDAF is illegal & unconstitutional and PNoy and Abad are liable. But they never lift a finger to support the filing of criminal cases and supporting the impeachment complaint. Delicadeza is their very shallow reason. Do you believe them? Should they also convict themselves of the DAP/PDAF crimes? After all their loyalty is with the party and themselves and not to the country and people!